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“Everyone is having a ‘granny flat’ built!” says tradesman’s website

The granny flat boom: Number of families building an annexe for relatives up by a third spurred on by lucrative tax breaks for homeowners

Soaring numbers of homeowners are building granny flats to house elderly relatives or grown-up children, figures show.

Properties with an annexe for family members have increased by more than a third in the past two years.

The boom is believed to have been partly spurred on by a lucrative council tax break for homeowners with granny flats.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd October 2015


Everyone is building annexes to their homes and using them to house relatives these days, in order to take advantage of a 50% discount in Council Tax. But with all of these new extensions and renovations taking place apparently all over the country, there must be a growing need for reliable handymen to get the work done?

Celia Francis, chief executive of tradesmen website Rated People, said: ‘A shortage of affordable housing for today’s first-time buyer, coupled with elderly relatives in need of care, are resulting in up to three generations living under one roof.’

Yet another case of fortuitous findings from a company which happened to commission the ‘research’ – it’s a website which helps people locate tradesmen who happen to find that there’s a growing demand for reliable tradesmen.

“Online estate agents are great!” says online estate agent

How an online estate agent could save you a small fortune: But would you be a DIY seller to get a cheaper flat-fee?

Rocketing property prices are pushing thousands of homeowners to sell through cheap online estate agents.

Traditional High Street agents charge sellers a percentage of the sale price of their property — so the more your home is worth, the higher your fee.

And as property prices have increased, so, inevitably, have the costs.

A typical fee is around 1.5 per cent plus VAT — but can be as high as 3.5 per cent. That means on a home worth £150,000 the estate agency fee can be up to £6,300.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th September 2015


Gone are the days of the awkward meetings in drab offices with stereotypically-slippery estate agents – instead, these days, the best property deals happen exclusively online. At least according to this glorified press release from online estate agent Purplebricks:

Britain’s largest online firm, Purplebricks, claims that 70 per cent of its business is done outside of traditional working hours through its helpline, which allows customers to book viewings or give decisions on offers.

You may have heard of Purplebricks before – they were the company behind another very important piece of research earlier in the month:

Jamie Oliver a woman’s perfect flatmate

A WOMAN’S dream flatmate is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver or Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry, a survey has revealed.

While 70 per cent of men opted to share a pad with former England football captain David Beckham, women went for a flatmate who was good in the kitchen.

Most UK women (57 per cent) wanted to share a house with Jamie Oliver, with Mary Berry coming second with 28 per cent.

Source: Express, 3rd September 2015