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“A good mobile phone will get you laid!” says mobile phone retailer

There are many things twitter can do – from instigating uprisings in Iran to pitchforking the latest transgressor of some unspoken rule of social media etiquette. But did you know twitter could get you laid?


Who said romance is dead? Study reveals 140-character tweets are now the UK’s favourite way to woo a new partner

The perfect recipe for love used to be eyes meeting across a crowded room followed by hours of scintillating conversation but now it seems that stimulating chats have been replaced by 140-character tweets.

According to a new study, Twitter is now the most common way of winning over a potential new partner and has even overtaken texting and phone calls.

On average, it now takes 224 tweets, 163 text messages, 70 Facebook messages, 37 emails and 30 phone calls to seal the deal.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th September 2013


Such is the power of social media, it seems. Of course, to get on board the Twitter Love-Train, you’ll need a nice new smartphone – fortunately, I hear there are some good deals on that kind of thing these days:

The study, which was conducted by electronics retailer PIXmania, found that within the space of a single generation, the amount of time taken for love to blossom has more than halved…

Ghadi Hobeika, marketing director of PIXmania.com, said: ‘With the nation obsessed with constantly communicating with one another, modern technology is putting the speed into speed dating and encouraging more contact between budding lovers.

‘The days of penning a simple love letter to woo your new beau are over. From flirting on Facebook to teasing on Twitter modern day lovers are increasingly embracing technology to help snare their catch.’

Oh, hey, maybe you can buy social-media-ready smartphones at PIXmania.com! Wouldn’t that be a coincidence!

“People use Facebook!” says voucher company reminding you they exist

Breaking science and technology news! The following articles appeared in the Science and Technology sections of the Telegraph and Daily Mail recently:

Britons spend 86 hours a year ‘stranger stalking’ on social media

The average Briton will spend a total of 14 minutes each day, or 86 hours in a year, looking at strangers’ social media profiles, according to new research.

The study into online behaviour, conducted by money saving website www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, polled a total of 2,704 UK adults (1,336 females and 1,368 males) aged 18 and over on their specific social media habits while online.

Source: Telegraph, 20th September 2013

We’re a nation of stalkers: Britons spend three DAYS a year tracking people they don’t know online – with 14% setting up fake profiles to check up on people

Have you ever looked at photos of your partner’s ex, or stalked their work colleagues on Facebook or Twitter? According to new research more than 80 per cent of us do this on a daily basis.

The study, carried out by VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, found the average Briton spends a total of 3.5 days a year looking at the profiles of strangers, a practice dubbed ‘stranger stalking.’

Men were found to most likely look at random profiles of people they find attractive, whilst women were more likely to check on potential new partners of their exes – and 14 per cent of Brits admitted to setting up fake profiles to check up on people anonymously.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th September, 2013

You’ll have noticed who provided this highly-technological and scientific research – voucher website ‘VocherCodesPro. So, rather than this being a piece of useful research, it’s merely a reminder that some websites exist to help users save money.

As for the troubling finding that broad swathes of the population routinely stalk strangers on social media, it may or may not be true – the ‘research’ doesn’t really care either way.

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