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“It’s actually cheaper to run an electric car these days, guys!” says electricity company, via OnePoll

Mobility news now, with the revelation that petrol is – get this, right – expensive:

Average driver will spend £56,000 on petrol in their lifetime, survey claims

The average driver will spend more than £56,000 on petrol during their lifetime, a survey claims. 

The poll of 2,000 motorists found that 84 per cent believe petrol and diesel is “too expensive”.

Source: Independent, 21st June 2019

TAKEN FOR A FUEL: Drivers spend a whopping £56,000 on fuel during their lifetime – as 40 per cent of Brits consider switching to electric

MOTORISTS fork out almost double the average annual salary on fuel over the course of their lifetime.

Shocking figures reveal drivers spend in excess of £56,000 just to fill their tank – on top of insurance, tax, and maintenance fees.

Source: The Sun, 21st June 2019

Motorists spend more than £56,000 on petrol during their lifetimes, study says

Motorists will spend more than £56,000 on petrol during their lifetime, according to a study.

The shocking figure emerged amid fears over ever-increasing fuel prices and insurance premiums, along with clean air zone fees.

Researchers found the cost of petrol and diesel is a ‘serious concern’ for drivers with 84 per cent arguing it is ‘too expensive.’

Source: Mirror, 21st June 2019

Who might be inclined, commercially and financially speaking, to draw attention to the high cost of petrol?

Commissioned by EDF Energy, the research of 2,000 motorists found 40 per cent of drivers are currently considering making the switch to an electric vehicle – a move which some experts believe could save them £41,000 over their lifetime.

This non-news story, as are so many others, was brought to you by 72 Point.

“You’re wasting way too much time applying moisturiser!” says moisturiser company, via OnePoll

A classic case of an inverted headline claim now, with the revelation that British people spend much too much time applying skincare products:

SKIN DEEP: Women spend seven weeks of their lives washing their faces and applying moisturiser in a bid to look younger

WOMEN spend weeks of their lives washing their faces, applying moisturiser and exfoliating in a bid to look younger, a study has revealed.

The average Brit uses three products a day on their face to try and keep wrinkles at bay, which was voted the most worrying skin concern.

The study of 2,000 adults revealed dark circles under their eyes was the second biggest fear, followed by dry skin.

Source: The Sun, 24th June 2019

Average Brit spends six weeks of their lives applying moisturiser

The average Brit will spend the equivalent of six weeks of their lives – applying moisturiser, according to a study.

Researchers found adults typically spend around three minutes a day using moisturising products in a bid to alleviate dry and cracked skin – and to keep wrinkles at bay.

But it doesn’t end there – during the course of their lifetime they will also spend seven weeks washing their faces and four weeks exfoliating.

Source: Mirror, 24th June 2019

It might seem odd, then, that the source of this non-news is a skincare product manufacturer:

Commissioned by O’Keeffe’s skin care, the research of 2,000 adults found they typically use three skin products a day.

Although 19 per cent use 10 or more every day.

So what is the marketing angle here? Well, it’s two-fold:

  1. O’Keeffe’s want to sell you on an all-in-one time-saving skincare product, which is why they commissioned the obviously false finding that one in five people – and therefore 14 million people in the UK – apply 10 skincare products EVERY SINGLE DAY
  2. They want you to remember that using a moisturiser is really important, so you should probably buy their time-saving moisturiser.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, here’s the O’Keeffe’s spokesperson to make the marketing angle explicit in their statement:

A spokeswoman for O’Keeffe’s skin care said: “Our results found we’re a nation that loves to primp and preen themselves.

“Squeezing, waxing, shaving and slathering on lotions, Brits are happy to go to extreme lengths to keep themselves looking their best.

“But a comprehensive skincare regime needn’t take you hours and hours – and of course, diet also plays a big part.”

This story, as is so often the case, was created by Bad PR stalwarts 72 Point, via their polling arm OnePoll and their ‘news’ wire SWNS:

“Football kits are popular!” says sports betting company, the day before a major game

The all-British Champions League final, between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, was always destined to be a major opportunity for sports betting companies in the UK, which is why it was no surprise to see their PR teams hard at work. Take, for instance, this pandering effort in the Independent:


The red shirt worn by England’s legendary World Cup winning side has been voted the greatest football kit of all-time in a new poll. 

The simple design, a plain red top featuring the Three Lions emblem on the top left, was produced by Umbro, which manufactured some of England’s most memorable shirts up until 2012.

Source: Independent, 30th May 2019

Which company was responsible for this piece of opportunistically-timed non-news?

“The research suggests sentiment plays a big part when it comes to deciding which shirts are the best,” said a spokesman for football betting website, FootballJunkie, which commissioned the survey.  “Shirts worn by unsuccessful sides are perhaps unfairly forgotten, despite being fantastic designs, which brings to mind the 2009/10 England kit.”