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“All sorts of people can find love online!” says dating app

Dating news now, with the apparent revelation that what people find attractive online might not be what might be expected:

The most eligible online daters are ‘big drinkers who live at home with their parents’

People who live at home with their parents and drink heavily have been revealed to be the most eligible daters online.

According to research honesty is also one of the most attractive traits when it comes to online dating, with those boasting polished profiles and sculpted abs most likely to miss out.

Source: Mirror, 7th June 2019

Who can we thank for this fascinating sociological insight?

But ‘Living with parents’ and ‘heavy drinker’ came out as the most right-swiped on Badoo’s new profile badges feature.

Analysing 5,000 users, the dating site found people who reveal niche information, about themselves such as whether they want children someday, were more popular than those who didn’t.

Far be it for me to suggest the integrity of this analysis might be compromised, but it is certainly handy for Badoo to be able tell users that their less desirable traits might actually be date-winners.

There’s also an obvious selection bias at play: Badoo’s information, even if it is honestly presented, can only speak to the behaviours of people who have signed up to Badoo; there’s no reason to believe their ‘findings’ extend beyond their own platform.

Is being a ‘heavy drinker’ genuinely a surprisingly attractive trait, or is it just that heavy drinkers might be more likely to seek love on Badoo than in other places? These are the kind of questions that a genuine study would need to confront; they’re also exactly the kind of questions you wouldn’t ask in a marketing-first piece of PR messaging.

It is at this point that it’s worth highlighting the author of the Mirror’s article: Jack Peat, the Head of Digital at PR company 72 Point.

“All the cool kids are going to festivals this year” says bank who sponsor festivals

How are you planning to spend your Summer? One company in particular is keen to convince you to eschew foreign climes in favour of the great British music festival experience:

Brits are ditching their summer holidays for trips to music festivals instead

One in five music fans would happily ditch their annual holiday – and go to a festival instead, a study has found.

Factors such as the rising cost of holidays (29%), hotter UK summers (14%) and uncertainties around Brexit (12%) mean many would prefer to enjoy a long weekend of live music instead of heading abroad.

And of those with tickets to a music festival this summer, three in 10 say it is their main trip this year.

Source: Mirror, 29th May 2019

Why might a company want to convince you to stay in the UK and spend your cash at a music festival?

The research was commissioned by Barclaycard to celebrate its partnership with Live Nation and AEG, which sees the sponsorship of eight festivals this summer.

Barclaycard are obviously keen to ensure their sponsorship money hasn’t gone to waste.