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“People enjoy foreign food!” says food company named after foreign city, via OnePoll

Food news now, with the revelation that British people regularly eat cuisine from outside of the rich and varied culinary tapestry that is exclusively British food:

Brits eating eight meals from around the world each week – here are our favourites

Brits tuck into eight meals a week from around the world, research has found.

A study of 2,000 adults found the average Brit is on a journey of culinary discovery, eating around one meal every day with roots originated across the globe.

And over the course of the average week, Brits will sample dishes from three different countries, with Chinese, Italian and Indian the most popular.

Source: Mirror, 28th June 2019

Who would have thought that food from outside of a specific 100 square miles of the earth’s surface would prove popular? And more to the point, who would have thought that pointing out so banal a fact would prove newsworthy?

Christina Honigfort, head of marketing at New York Bakery Co., which commissioned the study, said: “Authenticity is at the heart of creating dishes that taste as good at home as they do in the country the recipes and cooking or baking methods originated in.

“The research shows that Brits are passionate about this authenticity.

“It’s easier than ever to keep your kitchen stocked with authentic products and ingredients that match the tastes of the cities that inspired them, from bagels in the delis of New York to spices from markets in New Delhi.”

Speaking of authenticity, this fake news story was cooked up by 72 Point.

“Kids should wear sunglasses!” says kids sunglasses company, via OnePoll

Eyewear news now, with the revelation that parents want to protect their children’s eyes from the Sun:

Parents believes SUNGLASSES should become part of the school uniform

More than half of parents believe sunglasses should become an official part of school uniform, a study has found.

A study of 1,000 mums and dads with children aged 4-12 found 72 per cent worry about protecting their child’s eyes from the sun.

But only three in 10 send their child to school with sunglasses every time it’s sunny.

Source: Mirror, 27th June 2019

Which company is keen to emphasise the importance of sunglasses for children?

A spokesperson for monkey monkey sunglasses, which commissioned the study, said: “Parents are consistently telling us that their children are more likely to wear sunglasses on holiday or to leisure activities than at school.

“We just want parents to be aware that the midday and afternoon sun can be equally strong in the school playground, on the school sports field, or on the walk home from school, as it is on the beach.

While nobody, least of all anyone here at Bad PR, has any desire to see children’s eyes harmed by UV rays, it ought to be pretty apparent to any casual observer of the news that there is a problem with the media machine when a sunglasses company can create a headline in a national newspaper by paying 72 Point to create a non-story suggesting that people should buy their products.

What does this say for the independence and objectivity of the press?

“You should go on holiday with your partner!” says holiday company, via OnePoll

Holiday news now, with the shock revelation that couples like to go on holiday together:

Couples are taking ‘make or break’ holidays after just THREE MONTHS together

Modern couples now embark on ‘make or break’ holidays after just THREE MONTHS together, a study revealed.

A survey of 2,000 adults found one in four love-hungry couples take the plunge and head off on a trip together three months or earlier into their relationship.

And around one in five are going on a sunshine break with their other half early in the relationship specifically to test if their partner is worth sticking with for good.

Source: Mirror, 20th June 2019

Which company wants you to question whether it’s time to take your partner away for a romantic getaway?

Karl Thompson, managing director for Sandals Resorts in the UK, which commissioned the study, said: “Whether it’s a couple’s first trip together, a honeymoon to celebrate, or a more traditional break away from everyday life, a getaway with your partner can be the perfect chance to spend quality time together and strengthen those romantic bonds.

“Whilst a week-long holiday may seem lengthy for a first trip away, it can be a good opportunity to see if a new relationship will stand the test of time and whether any romance lasts when you get home.”

This non-news article, published in a national newspaper simply to encourage you to think about booking a holiday, was paid for by a holiday company and placed in the news by PR company 72 Point, whose employee was even given the by-line in the Mirror.