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“Divorced people should get plastic surgery!” says plastic surgeon

Are you a silver separator? If you’re over 60 and recently divorced, you just might be – at least according to the Daily Star:


A BOOM in divorces by over-60s has led to a massive rise in older women and men booking cosmetic beauty treatments and buying anti-ageing products.

Newly-single female OAPs want to emulate still-got-it older stars like Dame Helen Mirren, 67, and Susan Sarandon, 66, as they get back out dating.

And men want to copy “silver foxes” such as Pretty Woman star Richard Gere, 63, and Taken star Liam Neeson, 60.

Source: Daily Star, 25 January 2013


And the Daily Mail:

Rise in cosmetic surgery for over-60s as ‘silver separators’ aim to look younger to find new love 

A generation of ‘silver separators’ are booking cosmetic surgery and buying more anti-aging products as they return to the the dating game in their retirement years.

The number of couples divorcing in their 60s and 70s has risen dramatically in the last decade and now these newly single men and women are looking to enhance their image in their quest to find fresh romance.

The female ‘silver separators’ want to look like still-got-it older stars such as Dame Helen Mirren, 67, and Susan Sarandon, 66, while the men are emulating ‘silver foxes’ like actors Richard Gere, 63, and Liam Neeson, 60.

Source: Daily Mail, 25 January 2013


There’s hope for the older generation in the dating game yet, it seems, with the over-60s back on the market – and it’s a good job there are companies out there willing to help out. Companies like, for example, cosmetic surgeons Lovelite:

LoveLite clinical director Donnamarie McBride said: ‘A year or so ago we had very few clients over the age of 60, and handful in a year at most.

‘But recently there has been a massive increase in demand and we’ve seen as many in the past month as we would have done in nearly half a year previously. The over 60s age group is without a doubt the fastest growing area in the non-invasive cosmetic treatment market at the moment.

‘Almost all of the women that come to us have just become separated or divorced, and they are wanting to improve their appearance and get back to their more youthful figure.’

Lovelite, you’ll be unsurprised, were one of the companies behind this story, with their press release surfacing on the MyNewsDesk.co.uk distribution site.

Another company on hand to help these mystical ‘silver separators’ is beauty retailer Escentual:

…CEO Rakesh Aggarwal said in just the last year the over-60s beauty market had gone from a tiny part of the business to a multi-million pound sector.

He said: ‘Many more anti-aging skin-care products are specifically created for the more mature market now.

‘A lot of our customers are looking for anti-aging products that slow the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines and many are looking for products that turn back the clock on other specific parts of the body but without the need for any surgical procedures.’

Handily enough, Escentual were the other company to have posted a press release to MyNewsDesk.co.uk describing their services for the ‘silver separators’. Which all makes sense, given that the two companies share a single PR Account Executive in the shape of an intern at AOBPR.

Do the ‘Silver Separators’ exist? Who knows. All we can be really certain of is that a PR company thought it made for a nice way of convincing an older generation that cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments could reinvigorate their lives.