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“Nobody ever knows what to buy their Dad as a present!” says experience day company

Dad news now, with the report in the Mail that many fathers went without presents on Father’s Day simply because nobody knew what to buy them:

Dads are being denied decent Father’s Day gifts because their children are CLUELESS on what to buy them

Dads are being denied a decent Father’s Day because their grown-up children are clueless about what to buy them, a new study has found. 

With just two days until Father’s Day, the UK’s pioneer of gift experiences Virgin Experience Days reveals the nation’s spending habits. 

Source: Daily Mail, 14th June 2019

This is one of those Bad PR stories where the commercial hook is so clear and visible that there’s little else to be said about it.

That said, Virgin Experience Days (who even had the Mail Online link to their website directly) felt it worth underscoring their PR angle even further, highlighting their new “Father’s Day Panic Button”:

In response to the ultimate stress purchase, Virgin Experience Days has created a Father’s Day Panic Button. 

In response to the ultimate stress purchase, Virgin Experience Days has created a Father's Day Panic Button

And, of course, there was the standard quote from a spokesperson to make the hook even more explicit:

Dan Pearce, Marketing Director, Virgin Experience Days, said: ‘Clearly people find Father’s Day a tricky one and we hope our Panic Button can help them out even at the 11th hour. We think people should trust their judgement – most dads would just enjoy more time with their kids – and there are tons of experience that can be shared, and memories to be made that will last longer than a bottle of wine or a pair of socks.’