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“Women are having affairs!” says affairs website

Women are FOUR times more likely to seek out affairs after a lackluster Mother’s Day, according to cheating website

Mother’s Day this year was a success for some, a letdown for others, and for many women across the U.S., such a disaster that it sent them into the arena of affairs.

AshleyMadison.com, the world’s biggest cheating website, has revealed that 17,000 moms signed up to their site on Monday in hopes of hunting down extramarital liaisons.

That is over four times the number of a usual run-of-the-mill Monday, reports AshleyMadison – which boasts 26 million members worldwide and whose slogan is: ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’

Source: Daily Mail, 16 May 2014

As ever in Bad PR, separating the message of the data from its source is impossible – instead of real sociological research, this is nothing more than an online hook-up site touting for business in a national newspaper.

“Lots of companies use Christmas as an excuse for publicity!” says everyone, in the Daily Star

Christmas is a great excuse to get coverage for your company – a point which was unintentionally made astoundingly clear in the Daily Star last week, in a story with perhaps the most PR-per-inch of any I’ve ever seen.

“Women have affairs!” says extramarital dating website

Is your wife or partner being unfaithful? ‘Probably’, says the media:

Are you in the infidelity danger zone? Women most likely to have affairs between age of 25 and 34, study reveals

Those in a relationship with a woman between 25 and 34 might want to keep their wits about them.

According to a new poll, those who fall into this are most likely to seek an extramarital affair – and that number is increasing.

Furthermore, for 79.2 per cent of women, the over-riding reason for cheating on partners is an unfulfilled sex life.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th October 2013

The source of the research? ‘Extramarital dating’ website AshleyMadison.com – a website up to help wives and partners conduct affairs.