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“You should look after your watch, you disgusting slob!” says watch company

Germ news now, with the revelation that your wrists and everything near your wrists frankly make me sick:

WATCH OUT! Stomach-churning swabs reveal your watch is eight times dirtier than a TOILET

OUR watches are up to EIGHT times dirtier than a toilet, after chemical swabs revealed what really gets stuck in our time pieces.

The new research also showed only one in four Brits have never cleaned their watches.

Source: The Sun, 23rd June 2019

Stomach-churning swabs reveal your watch is up to eight times more dirty than a TOILET – and why you should sterilise it once a month

Shocking new research has revealed that watches can be up to eight times more dirty than  a toilet, with a quarter of Brits never having cleaned their time piece. 

Tic Watches swabbed ten different types of watches, testing for aerobic bacteria, yeast and mould to find out how much of a hotspot they are for germs. 

The research found that each watch had a worrying amount of bacteria, yeast, and mould, with watches scoring an average of three times dirtier than a toilet seat. 

Source: Daily Mail, 23rd June 2019

Are there germs and bacteria on our watches? Almost certainly. Is that actually a concern or any kind of health risk? Almost certainly not… but it does make for a headline-grabbing pseudo-news article about watches, which is all that matters when you are a company that sells watches:

Commenting on the research, Daniel Richmond, Managing Director of Tic Watches, says: ‘Whether you wear a watch every day, or just during working hours, one thing is for certain, we don’t clean them as much as we wash our hands. 

‘For those who wear a watch every day, we recommend giving it a good clean at least once a month. 

‘If you think your watch is due a clean, take a look at our tips to see how to do it yourself or you can even take it to a specialist shop for a professional clean.