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“You should improve your home!” says home improvement company

Our dream house? It needs a wet room and a home cinema: Nearly half would opt for these improvements if they could add to their property

There was a time when crazy paving and avocado bathroom suites were seen as the must-have additions for your dream house.

But today’s homeowners are yearning for some rather more modern home improvements, with home cinemas and wet rooms now high on the wish-list, a study has found.

When asked what they would add to their house if they could, 44 per cent opted for a state-of-the-art entertainment zone with supersize screen and games consoles, just ahead of a wet room at 43 per cent.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th October 2015


No longer is our home complete with a mere picket fence, conservatory and fractional children, now we can’t rest until our abodes are crammed with niche features like cinemas and wet rooms. How our ambition has grown! But with the ambitious home improvement plans we all definitely 100% absolutely have, we’ll need the support of a PR-spouting home improvement company, I’d imagine:

The survey of over 2,000 homeowners, commissioned by Anglian Home Improvements, looked at how our tastes in home improvements and the way in which we use our homes have changed over the past 50 years.

Anglian Home Improvements are just the company I’m thinking of, I guess. We know this, because they’re company who placed this particular piece of PR into the national news.

Melanie McDonald at Anglian Home Improvements, said: ‘It is interesting to observe just how much our tastes and preferences have changed in a relatively short amount of time. One thing is for sure — the desire to improve our homes has increased over the years as homeowners seek to make their homes warmer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.’

If there’s one thing that’s for sure it’s that Anglian’s desire for improvements stops at home, as they clearly have no concern for the degrading state of the national press while they use newspapers to publicise their adverts.