“Keeping a teenager amused during summer is expensive!” says teenage summer club, via OnePoll

Parenting news now, with the revelation that having a teenager during the summer holidays is ruinously expensive:

Parents spend more than £1,200 keeping their teens amused over summer holidays

Parents face a bill of more than £1,260 keeping their teens amused during the summer holidays, a study has found.

Researchers discovered taking children on day trips, buying video games and magazines, and the extra cost of childcare will set mum and dad back £502 over the six-week break.

And they’ll shell out more than £335 per child just on food and drinks, including meals out, lunches during trips, as well as snacks and treats.

Source: Mirror, 24th June 2019

With the now certain knowledge that keeping a teen busy in a productive and stimulating manner over summer is a terribly expensive affair, it’s worth understanding which organisation is behind this particular headline:

Chris Brown, director of sales programme recruitment at National Citizen Service (NCS) – a three to four week summer programme which helps 16-17-year-olds gain confidence, build life skills and become more active citizens in their communities, said: “Our research has highlighted an issue for many parents across the country who are unsurprisingly worried about the cost of the summer holidays.

“With the long break fast approaching, parents want to ensure that their teens are spending their time productively, without breaking the bank.”

Wait a second, I’m getting an idea here: what if – and hear me out on this one – what if you were to enroll your teenager in the NCS scheme this summer? That might be cheaper then entertaining them yourself, AND it could be good for their development!

Oh, what a fortunate and entirely coincidental thing it is that the news story that made you worry about how to amuse your teen this summer also sold you a solution to the same problem!

Well done, Bad PR regulars and constant PR sluice 72 Point, for putting this in front of parents at exactly the right time. For money.