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“Fast food can be expensive!” says voucher site with fast food offer

Busy Britons spend over £100 a month on fast food

BRITONS spend £109 a month each on takeaways and ready meals, research has revealed.

Fast food and eating out now account for a third of our annual food budget. We tuck into 12 convenience meals a month on average. Chinese is most popular, being the favourite of 26 per cent of those polled.

Source: Daily Express, 26 March 2014

Takeaway UK: Average Brit is now spending £1,320 a year on fastfood buying 12 meals every month

It was once just a treat for the weekend, but a new survey has found that the average Brit now forks out £110 per month on takeaway meals every month.

The study found that an average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month- a staggering £1,320.

Men have the biggest taste for fast food as they get through an extraordinary 151 takeaways a year, while the figure for women is 126.

Source: Daily Mail, 4 April 2014

Fast food, despite its convenience, is no friend to our wallets – if this data is to be believed. Although that’s quite a big ‘if’, relying on the average person buying a £10 takeaway every three days.

Could there be an ulterior motive behind this pair of stories making it to the press?

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of vouchercodes.co.uk, said: ‘Takeaways are now a part of everyday life for busy consumers.

‘Britain has always been a nation of food lovers and especially as we have nearly every type of cuisine available on the go throughout Britain.

‘But, eating on the move no longer needs to be an unhealthy or expensive option.’

Indeed, if the contents of this PR story for a discount voucher website were true, it really would be an expensive option… unless there was a voucher website on hand to help bring down those costs somewhat, of course.

“Spending time with the family at Christmas can be a nightmare!” says attention-hungry voucher website

“Spending time with the family at Christmas can be a nightmare!” says attention-hungry voucher website

“Don’t take time off work to go shopping, do it online!” says voucher website

“Don’t take time off work to go shopping, do it online!” says voucher website

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s a worrying time for businesses, who might see significant absenteeism as people rush to do last minute Christmas shopping. It’s a sad story, especially in a world where online shopping is so simple and easy:

Anita Naik, a spokesperson for VoucherCodes.co.uk who commissioned the research, said: ‘It can sometimes seem impossible to fit in Christmas shopping on top of everything else that’s going on at this time of the year.

‘The good news is, even if you haven’t started your shopping yet, you still have plenty of time to buy from both in-store and online.

‘With the majority of big online retailers delivering orders placed as late as 23rd or 24th December, there really shouldn’t be any need to risk pulling a sickie day at work.’

If you do switch over to online shopping, remember to use your voucher codes to make those extra savings, of course.

“Buying all the things your kid demands is expensive!” says voucher website

Keeping up with the kids can be hard – unless, of course, you can find ways to cut costs and buy things on the cheap, obviously:

A whole host of strange items came up in the survey by VoucherCodes.co.uk, which asked 1,000 UK parents with children aged between 2 and 15 exactly what their kids pestered for.