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“Kids today carry expensive gadgets!” says insurance comparison site

Go go gadget children: Our technology-mad kids reliant on expensive gismos for education at school

By the time the school gates open in just over a week’s time, half of parents will have bought their under-16s new smartphones, tablets or laptops

Technology-mad children will be returning to school with £3.2 billion worth of gadgets in their backpacks.

While the average value of hi-tech gear has doubled in a year to £270, one in five kids will be carrying big brands like Apple and Samsung totalling £400.

Source: Mirror, 26th August 2015


Back to school 2.0: A fifth of pupils will be carrying gadgets worth more than £400 in their bags when they return to classes

The start of the school year used to see children kitted out with a larger uniform and if they were lucky a new pencil case.

But this year pupils returning to school will be carrying an average of £270 worth of technology in their bags, while over a fifth will have more than £400 of gadgets.

It suggests most pupils under the age of 16 are now carrying smartphones, tablets, iPods and laptops.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th August 2015


The state of kids today, eh? It’s all take take take – not one of them can survive without the latest tech. At least, that’s according to the company who paid for this piece of PR:

A survey by uSwitch.com, the price comparison site, found that the amount of technology expected in pupil’s bags when schools go back in September has more than doubled compared to last year.

That would be uSwitch.com, the insurance comparison website, naturally:


What would uSwitch have to gain by talking about how gadget-laden our kids are? Well…

The spread of expensive smartphones tablets like the iPad among school pupils has also raised concerns over safety as teenagers are commonly targeted by muggers looking to steal smartphones.

Alarming almost one in ten parents said their children have been bullied over technology while 13 per cent said they had lost gadgets or had them stolen at school.

Presumably parents worried about their teens being mugged ought to take out extra insurance, just in case…

“People pay too much for technology!” says price comparison website

Christmas is coming, and the first shots in the PR festive savo have already been shot.