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“Drown your World Cup blues with a holiday!” says holiday company

Holiday companies expect huge boost as depressed football fans flee England

FED-UP football fans are fleeing Britain in a bid to cheer themselves up from the disastrous World Cup knock-out.

After England’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay travel agents are expecting a 50 per cent rise in online searches for stress-busting getaways.

Holiday companies had already discounted prices following a fall in sales in June, as sports fans delayed decision making in case Roy Hodgson’s side made it past the group stages.

With the World Cup dream in tatters for another four years, football fans are now hoping to score by snapping up the last of the deals before prices return to normal.

Source: Daily Star, 21st June 2014


I’m an England fan… get me out of here! Holiday bookings expected to surge by 50% following World Cup disappointment

Following England’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay last night, there is expected to be a 50 per cent surge in site searches over this weekend, as devastated fans look to alleviate their disappointment by booking a holiday.

With progression to the next round almost out of England’s reach and holiday prices discounted as the World Cup led to limited demand, England supporters are expected to cut their losses and rush to book the remaining deals before prices return to their normal value.

The World Cup has had an impact on the UK travel industry this year as patriotic holidaymakers chose to put-off their holiday plans in fear they’d miss out on the celebrations if England were to progress to the later stages of the tournament.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th June 2014


England’s diastrous World Cup campaign isn’t all bad news – it could mean a boost to business, if you’re a travel agent, as everybody looks to scarper these sceptered isles to drown their sorrows in warmer climes. And if you’re not planning to go on holiday, there are handy stories in the press such as this one, designed to try to change your mind:

TravelSupermarket found 13.6 per cent of customers were influenced by the Word Cup, while six per cent said they are now planning a trip to Brazil.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket comments: “When England has a vested interest in something like the World Cup, it’s natural for holidays to take a back seat.

“England fans deserve to be cheered up this summer, that’s why we’re encouraging them to seize the opportunity and book their getaway while there are still deals to be had.”

There we have it then – you deserve to go on holiday… says a holiday company.

“You can’t really be happy if you’ve no-one to kiss!” says dating website and made-up kissing day

Pucker up! Half of British women say that kissing is the best cure for a bad mood

FOR some, retail therapy is the only way to beat the blues.

But for nearly half of British women a kiss is the best cure for a bad mood.

Source: Daily Express, 19th June 2014


Women, as ever, being shown by the media here to be simple creatures – a peck on the lips and a new handbag and even the biggest of frowns can be turned upside down. Equally reliable, too, is the spurious PR-led statistical chicanery behind a story such as this:

In a survey of 1,000 women for today’s National Kissing Day, 47 per cent said a smacker was the most effective mood-lifter.

Did you miss National Kissing Day? How could you! I bet you’re kicking yourself – it’s the one day of the year where you get to celebrate affection and human contact. They even have their own official website, complete with annoying infographic, too:


In case you didn’t realise it was National Kissing Day, don’t worry – it wasn’t. If you look at the almost-hidden statement at the botom of the official site, you can see that the whole day is nothing more than an overt marketing stunt:

© National Kissing Day and associated events are fully protected by Copyright & IP Law and remain the sole intellectual property of Radio Relations Ltd; Participation by way of any format in or mention of National Kissing Day is strictly by way of invitation or agreement solely with the Intellectual Property Owners: Radio Relations Ltd.

Radio Relations Ltd are a PR company who specialise in creating content designed to get brands talked about on the radio:

Ever wondered how brands manage to get radio presenters and broadcast journalists to talk about their services?

As radio PR specialists, Radio Relations have excellent industry knowledge and fantastic relationships with presenters, securing editorial coverage on every commercial and BBC radio station throughout the UK.


By all accounts, each year Radio Relations approve (read: sell-to) a small list of PR companies and brand partners who are allowed to use the National Kissing Day name and PR opportunity to secure airtime and column inches.

So who this year has been a National Kissing Day partner? Going back to the original story in the Express, the brand name didn’t make the cut – however, in its Daily Mail counterpart the PR paymaster’s brand survives:

National Kissing Day? Pucker up! The top five most romantic places to kiss your beloved.. or wait for your prince to appear

We might be a nation of tough critics when it comes to kissing, but we love a romantic location.

And a recent survey by online dating website MySingleFriend to coincide with National Kissing Day today revealed that for nearly half of British women, a kiss is the best cure for a bad mood.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th June 2014


So, a dating website wants you to know that kissing is the most effective way of feeling happy. If you don’t have anyone in your life to kiss, you’d better act now, or else miss out on all that potential happiness.

As for National Kissing Day, keep your eyes open for July 19th next year, and we’ll see who Radio Relations have gotten into bed with by then.

“Don’t forget, it’s nearly holiday time!” says another holiday company

Britons spend 30 HOURS preparing for a holiday (and we spread it over five weeks – more than double the length of our trip!)

Two weeks never seems long enough when it comes to a much-anticipated summer break and now it has been revealed that we spend nearly as much time researching a trip as we do enjoying it.

British holidaymakers spend an average of 30 hours preparing for a holiday abroad, the equivalent of four working days, according to a new study.

The painstaking research is spread out over five weeks, more than double the length of the average summer holiday.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th June 2014


It’s holiday season, and don’t the newspapers know it, with no shortage of vacation reminders gracing the pages of the media. Including this one, ostensibly about wasting time, but really nothing more than a reminder to check out another specific travel agent for the latest deals:

Sun seekers also consult four different friends and read three travel articles ahead of committing to a holiday, according to holiday provider Club Med.

“Don’t forget, it’s nearly holiday time!” says holiday company

Holidaymakers use 20% of spending money buying gifts for people back home (but HALF leave it until they’re at the airport)

Holidaymakers set aside a fifth of their entire holiday spending money budget in order to purchase gifts for people back home, according to a survey.

And more than half of Brits who bring back presents for loved ones or colleagues do so at the airport immediately before coming home.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th June 2014


It’s holiday season, and don’t the newspapers know it, with no shortage of vacation reminders gracing the pages of the media. Including this one, ostensibly about spending money, but really nothing more than a reminder to check out a particular travel agent for the latest deals:

Eighty-seven per cent of travellers said they bought a souvenir or present during their last trip abroad, the survey of 2,113 people by www.sunshine.co.uk reveals.

“You should be more adventurous, you coward!” says hotel chain promoting adventure holidays

A nation of scaredy-cats: Two-thirds of Britons think they are adventurous, but just 29% have tried adrenaline sports (with Londoners and the North East the bravest)

Two-thirds of Britons believe they are adventurous,but actually we are a nation of scaredy-cats, according to new research.

While 64 per cent of adults believe they are daring and fearless, just 29 per cent of us have actually been brave enough to try extreme sports like abseiling, rock climbing and bungee jumping.

And our bravery depends on where we live, with Londoners and those from the North East and West Midlands named as the most adventurous in the country.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th June 2014


The most interesting thing about this particular PR-derived article is that the same story appeared almost a fortnight earlier in the Mirror, with a notably higher degree of transparency:

Two thirds of British adults think they’re adventurous, but we’re a nation of scaredy cats

Nearly two thirds (64%) of British adults perceive themselves to be a fearless adventurous type of person.

However, a new study by Travelodge has revealed we’re actually a nation of scaredy cats, as only 29% of Britons has actually had the courage to take on an adventurous activity.

In response to this misconception and to celebrate it’s new ‘Get Up & Go’ campaign, Travelodge has commissioned the UK’s first series of interactive 3D adventure postcards.

Source: Mirror, 23rd May 2014


As the Mirror makes abundantly clear three times in the first four paragraphs, this story is nothing more than an overt piece of promotion for a hotel chain, and their new campaign to encourage people to take holidays around the UK, and do adventurous things.

Particularly interesting in the Mirror’s surprisingly-transparent coverage is the open tagging of Travelodge at the foot of the article:


Which then leads the reader into a filter of all recent Mirror stories taken directly from Travelodge press releases:


It’s hard to know what to make of this from the Mirror – are they at the vanguard of a new push for transparency in journalism? Or is this the accidental side-effect of an over-eager web index? Either way, it makes my job a hell of a lot easier, and for that I thank them.

“People look forward to planning a holiday!” says travel website

Daydreaming Brits cost employers £478 each, spending 32 work hours planning, booking and talking about holidays

Planning a holiday, excitement ahead of a trip and time spent reminiscing once home costs employers hundreds of pounds per employee, according to new research.

Eight-nine per cent of staff admitted they were ‘much less productive’ before and after a holiday – with a typical break costing businesses an average £478 per person, due to time spent on trip-related activity.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd June 2014


With holiday season soon to be upon us, it’s no surprise that many of our colleagues have their minds already mentally on a tropical beach. However, if you’re less concerned about potential loss to the economy than they are about getting a good deal, the travel agent behind this particular story really want to hear from you:

Brits spend about 32 hours in total thinking, researching, planning and daydreaming about a trip while in the office, the survey of 1,885 full-time workers by www.sunshine.co.uk reveals.

Chris Clarkson, Managing Director of sunshine.co.uk, said: ‘As soon as you book a holiday, it’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and for the trip to be on your mind 24/7.

Still, at least you now know where to turn when you do want to start planning that dream holiday during work hours.

“German holiday makers hate German holidays makers!” says German holiday company

Sunbed-nabbing Germans and their beach towels ‘is biggest holiday grievance in Germany’

Germans dislike British and Russian tourists more than any other nationality – and say biggest woe is their own countrymen nabbing the best sunbathing spots, according to new survey

If you’ve ever got up on the first morning of your holiday to find all the sunloungers already reserved by Germans, you are not alone.

It turns out the British are not the only people who can’t stand the Teutonic habit of getting up at the crack of dawn to nab all the best sunbathing spots with a towel – it’s so annoying it infuriates the Germans themselves.

Source: Telegraph, 6th June 2014


Germans complain British tourists are too loud and all too often drunk (but at least we’re not as bad as the Russians)

British tourists are second only to Russians when it comes to nationalities Germans dislike most when on holiday.

A survey of 8,100 German holidaymakers carried out by German travel operator Urlaubstours found that Germans viewed the Russians and the British as both loud and all too often drunk.

In addition, the Germans complained in the survey that Brits in particular were rude and had poor table manners.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th June 2014


It seems some clichés are so well-worn they transcend national boundaries, with the stereotypical sunbed-stealing German tourist annoying even their fellow compatriots.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the habit of having dodgy PR surveys masquerading as news also seems to be one unbounded by nationality, given that this story originally appeared in the German media:

Urlaubstours Reise-Umfrage: Russen und Briten trinken zu viel, Chinesen rülpsen zu oft

Die Sommerferien rücken immer näher und die Vorfreude auf den lang ersehnten Urlaub steigt. Doch nicht nur das Urlaubsziel an sich, sondern auch dort anzutreffende Touristen anderer Nationalitäten beeinflussen das Urlaubserlebnis.

Source: Netz-Trends, 6th June 2014


And, of course, it was placed there by a German holiday company:

A new survey released by tour operator Urlaubstours took the potentially divisive step of asking Germans which nationality they least liked to encounter on holiday, and why.

Du meine Güte!

“People drive cars!” says car company launching new car

The perfect road trip is America’s Route 66, with Queen on the radio and Holly Willoughby in the front seat (but women would prefer David Beckham) The perfect road trip would involve driving down America’s Route 66 and listening to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, with Holly Willoughby and David Beckham as driving companions. But our driving nightmare would be to have former star of The Apprentice Katie Hopkins in the front seat with us. Three-quarter of Britons admit to indulging in a bit of karaoke while driving in the car, with golden oldies and cheesy classics topping the list of requests. Source: Daily Mail, 6 June 2014

mini-06062014-mail Lighthearted travel silliness here, with the revelation that having former footballer David Beckham or TV presenter Holly Willoughby by your side might make driving more bearable. Who paid for the ‘research’ behind this story?

The survey, conducted by Mini to celebrate its new car, also found that America’s historic Route 66, which crosses the country from Chicago to Santa Monica, in California, was the road trip Britons most wanted to take, followed by the winding roads of Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

Indeed, it was none other than car manufacturer Mini, aiming to launch a new car. In fact, the story in the Mail bears startling similarity to the press release which appeared on Mini’s own website: mini-06062014-site There was one notable omission from the Mail’s Mini write-up, however: the ‘research’ finding that listening to Robbie Williams, Coldplay or U2 could soothe a case of road rage went curiously missing when the press release was regurgiatated into the press. It seems there are some lies that are a step too far, even for the Daily Mail.