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“People all around the country have sex!” says erotic publisher

Straight out of the draw marked ‘in a discrete dataset, someone has to be top’, we had the recent revelations that people from one part of the country have more sex than people from other parts of the country:

People in the West Midlands have the busiest bedrooms! Britain’s sex secrets revealed

They might be famous for their buttoned-up approach to romance and reluctance to express their true feelings but it seems that British women are naughtier than previously thought.

A new survey has found that almost 70 per cent of British women like to experiment in the bedroom, with popular diversions including sex toys, doing the deed in public and using food to make time between the sheets more memorable.

Sexual behaviour was also found to vary across the UK, with those living in the south-east most open to experimenting while women based in the East Midlands were most likely to keep details of their exploits under wraps.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th October 2013

While mild kudos has to be given to the picture desk of the Daily Mail for eschewing an image of a 20-something model for a story about the sex people around the country are having, it’s still a total non-story to report that one group of people is having more sex, or more of a specific type of sex, or more of a particular type of experience than other groups. That’s just how maths, averages and population distribution works – someone has to come out as ‘top’, without implication of the existence of a causative relationship.

Still, these geographical distribution tropes are mightily powerful PR tools, with a reach far beyond the nationals – ask enough questions, and you’ll scattergun enough findings to gain coverage in a host of regional news outlets – in this case, including:

Who was it this time employing this scattergun approach to enticing local journalists into the PR nest?

A spokesperson for Totally Bound, the erotic publisher which conducted the survey, said: ‘We’ve conducted extensive research to thoroughly understand what UK women want when it comes to real and imagined sex. 

‘We discovered that there’s a real appetite for provocative and well-written stories about sex, love, empowerment and relationships.

I don’t know about you, but I always prefer my mucky stories to come with rigorous geographical and statistical analysis.