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“Getting a good night’s sleep is very important!” says bed manufacturer

Your sleeping habits were recently of great interest to the Daily Express and Daily Mail:

Snoring is OUT, threesomes are IN (that’s you, him and your teddy bear): Britain’s sleeping habits revealed

It might not seem a lot to ask from a loved one. But a good night’s sleep, it appears, is one of the things we find most difficult to offer each other.

Millions of Britons are losing vital hours of shut-eye because of a partner’s disturbances.

Not surprisingly, the number one complaint is snoring.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd October 2013


The naked truth about our bad bedtime habits

YOU know the honeymoon is well and truly over when your partner complains because you’re not wearing pyjamas in bed.

Sleeping naked is just one of the more unusual gripes that came up in a survey designed to reveal our most annoying bedtime habits.

Snoring is the thing most people find irritating, though 44 per cent of people admit they do it themselves.

Source: Daily Express, 4th October 2013


Real research? Possibly not, given that both articles (including the one by Nathan Rao of the Express, who likely contributed barely a word to it) are corporate PR for bed manufacturers ‘Dreams’ – as their PR company Fever PR confirm:

This week, Fever has been busy working on a news generation campaign from bed expert Dreams. A survey was commissioned into the nation’s bad habits in bed and revealed that snoring topped the list of infuriating habits and that threesomes are in (you, your partner and your teddy bear!). Coverage hit across the nationals including print (and online) in Daily Express, The Times, Daily Mail, Daybreak as well as regional print and radio.

Our Dreams spokesperson, Chris Daniel and psychologist Emma Kenny are hosting a morning of radio interviews with stations such as Sunrise, BBC Hereford and Worcester. And we’re looking forward to following up these news hits with features leveraging our case study couple, Helen and Matt!

Source: Fever PR, 4th October 2013


“Men are liars!” says insurance company happy to slander half the population

Which set of genitals make you more likely to be a liar? You may think it meaningless to even ask such a question, but the Daily Mail disagrees:

Don’t ask your boyfriend if your bum looks big in this… he’ll LIE! Straight-talking survey confirms men fib to their girlfriends (so would Kanye West dare share the truth?)

If your boyfriend tells you that your bottom doesn’t look big in your new dress he is probably lying, according to a new survey.

Over a third of men (35 per cent) will fib when quizzed over the size of their partners behind, while the rest will either try and change the subject or blame the colour.

But while men are happy to indulge in straight-talking with their girlfriends they are less likely to tackle a work colleague over sensitive issues like body odour, with women twice as likely to speak up and say something to a stinky co-worker.

Source: Daily Mail, 4 March 2013

It really is a shame that men are so dishonest these days – if only they would be more straightforward, wouldn’t that be refreshing? For example?

And when it comes to dating dishonesty the Refreshingly Straightforward survey from insurance firm Hastings Direct showed that nearly a third (30%) of men have arranged to meet someone with no intention of showing up – though women are even more unreliable and are twice as likely to do this.

That would be Hasting Direct – the insurance firm who market themselves under the slogan ‘Refreshingly Straightforward’:

In fact Hastings Direct really are straightforward – they’ve created a very headline-friendly survey and written up the manufactured findings into a press release so neat and tidy that it was a doddle for Toni Jones to publish it to the Mail Online, as if this were actual news.

“Some accents are better than others!” says casino firm trying to get into the newspapers

To be filed neatly away in the ‘nope, not a clue’ drawer, we had the revelation in a number of news sources recently that the Essex accent is hard to stomach:


THE Essex accent made famous by TOWIE has been voted worst in Britain.

The trademark twang of babes Sam, 22, and Billie Faiers, 23, and fellow stars in the hit ITV reality show bombed in a new study.

Brits were asked to name their favourite accent and just 1% chose Essex, where the TOWIE cast tell each other to “shuut uup!

Source: Daily Star, 23 January 2013

Shuuutuup! Essex accent voted least attractive

A controversial new poll is set to be the talk of Essex after naming the county’s accent as the least attractive in the English language.

Source: Metro.co.uk, 22 January 2013

Shaaht aahp! The Essex accent is revealed to be the worst in Britain as women admit to swooning over a soft Irish twang

The Irish accent is the most popular in Britain, a survey revealed yesterday.

More than a quarter of people questioned said they prefer listening to a soft Irish lilt to any other manner of speech and women were particularly keen on the accent.

Those polled found the least attractive was the Essex accent, popularised by the stars of The Only Way Is Essex such as Amy Childs, Mark Wright and Gemma Collins and it scored just ONE per cent.

Source: Daily Mail, 22 January 2013

The source for all of these stories – which essentially amount to a local-newspaper-pleasing ‘some accents are better than others’? 

The survey, conducted by online casino RoxyPalace.com, asked 1000 people to name their favourite accent.

I must admit, I can’t see an angle in this one – sometimes, whatever gets you into the press is justification enough. Clearly, it works so well, you could barely call it a gamble.

“Women look really fresh and young and tired and old!” say cosmetics companies

There was a spot of good news for beleaguered women recently, with even the usually-very-critical Daily Mail celebrating a win for the girls in the never-ending, media-fed competition of ‘which of the two main genders is best’:

Good news girls … we are FINALLY ageing better than men (but one in 10 women still worry that their partner will leave them for a younger model)

The age-old stereotype that men age better than women appears to be a thing of the past.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study into the perception of aging revealed women think they are aging better than men … and men agree.

The study found nearly two thirds of females said they were aging better than their partner, and 59 per cent of men said the same.

Source: Daily Mail, 23 January 2013


Oh, finally, thank god! After all this time of waiting for the tables to turn, it’s finally, finally time for women to be the ones who age better. Take that, men! Because that’s how society ought to work – with the upperhand visciously see-sawing between genders. That’s how equality works, of course.

Still, see-saw it has, and now it’s the men who are old before their time, with women retaining that youthful effervescence for longer… but how much longer, exactly?

Men said they start to ‘look old’ at the grand old age of 44, whereas women said 46.

A full two years – or, as statisticians would likely label this, ‘noise’. What’s more, the story arose following an online opinion poll which asked people to choose which gender looks youngest longest – so an entirely subjective choice, based on very little.

Having not seen the questions asked in the survey, it’s impossible to comment on any bias present, although it’s not unreasonable to suspect there may be some… especially given the source of the study:

The study by anti-aging product Forever Youth Liberator by YSL also found two thirds of men said their wife or girlfriend looks better for their age out of the two them.

Yesterday a spokesperson for YSL said: ‘We wanted to discover the age at which men and women most widely consider to be the point of aging.

‘Women have always been much more aware of the aging process and as a result this may mean they are making provisions that men aren’t…

‘…perhaps women are taking action to fight the signs of aging.’

A survey funded by an anti-aging cream (conducted via OnePoll) discovers how great it is that women are using anti-aging products – congratulations to Daily Mail journalist Toni Jones for uncovering that particular gem. And by uncovering, I mean copying 71% of the original press release.

Still, at least it was good news for womankind – there hasn’t been a lot of that lately. In fact, on the very day before the YSL survey declared women to be aging wonderfully, another article in the Daily Mail (and The Sun) found quite the reverse:

Work stress and toll from weekend partying means women look their oldest at exactly 3.30pm on Wednesdays (while Thursday is the time for romance and Friday is fun day)

Women look their oldest at 3.30pm every Wednesday, a new study reveals.

This is when energy levels plummet, work stress is at a peak and the effects of any weekend late nights finally kick in.

The research shows one in ten women (12 per cent) find Wednesday the most stressful day in a typical week. 

But they reveal Thursday is the day they are most likely to have sex.

It gives them a youthful rosy glow which could contribute to why women feel so happy on a Friday – 60 per cent name it as their happiest day.

Source: Daily Mail, 22 January 2013


This story – with an attention to detail regarding sex on days of the week not seen since Craig David was in the charts – clearly tells a different tale, with women looking tired, stressed and old. What kind of product would be behind such a negative, damaging story? Don’t they know what the anti-aging cream manufacturers YSL have discovered? Well…

The study, carried out by tanning brand, St Tropez to support the launch of their new anti-ageing products, revealed two thirds experience a ‘slump in energy levels’ mid-afternoon every Wednesday.

Nichola Joss, St. Tropez skin expert, said: ‘It’s fascinating that 3.30pm on a Wednesday is the time women look their oldest.

It’s fascinating, and yet wildly implausible, yes. 

Why would these two anti-aging product manufacturers disagree? Aren’t they working in the same industry – how could they possible come up with such totally contradictory findings, just one day apart?

And, more to the point, how could the Daily Mail publish these two entirely-opposing stories, on consecutive days? It’s as if the writing staff in their ‘Femail’ department don’t speak to each other. This whole contradictory mess could have been avoided, if only the author of the YSL piece – Toni Jones – had spoken to the author of the St Tropez piece… a certain Toni Jones.

Just to clear up any confusion: there is only one Toni Jones writing for the Daily Mail, and it appears she’s neither discerning nor subtle about whose press releases she publishes, or when.