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“It’s hot out there!” says discount voucher website reminding you they exist

With the change in the weather signalling an end to my self-imposed Bad PR hiatus, it seems fitting to highlight just how the scorching June sun has affected we poor pasty Brits – in fact, according to ‘researchers’, the moment temperatures rise a little, we’re far from pleased:

Apparently we’re happiest when it’s 23.5C (so we probably won’t like that it’s going to reach 25C this weekend)

While millions of us may dream of a few days in the Mediterranean heat, the reality is that we like our weather a little more on the mild side.

Researchers have found that the average Briton’s ideal summer temperature is a moderately warm 23.5C (74F) – so today’s weather should keep most of us happy.

Forecasters say the mercury could hit 24C (75F) in the South, making it the hottest day of the year so far.

And the sunny, dry conditions are predicted to last well into the weekend.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th June 2013

Who commissioned the research, and gave the picture desks at the Daily Mail and Daily Star a bikini-field-day?

According to the poll of 340 adults, Londoners had the highest heat threshold with the average Londoner being content with a temperature of 24.7C.

A spokesman for online discount shopping site PromotionalCodes.org.uk, which commissioned the poll, said: ‘One of our favourite pastimes as a nation is to moan about the weather no matter how hot or cold it is.

‘For many, it is either too wet or too dry so it was interesting to find a temperature which everyone would be happy with.

Not only was this a PR poll for an online voucher company, it featured just 340 participants – which even by Bad PR standards is dismal – yet not so dismal that the Daily Mail and Daily Star turned it down.

It’s enough to leave one cold.