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“Dating websites can lead love!” says dating website

Romance news now, with the revelation that people all over the world are falling in love:


Knowing when to say “I love you” is one of the most contentious issues when it comes to dating.

While some people wait six months before saying those three little words to their partner, others may blurt them out within days of matching on Tinder.

According to new research, the average Briton says “I love you” in 108 days, which is just under four months. One in 10 say it within a week.

Source: Independent, 27th June 2019

When should you say ‘I love you’? New survey shows Australian couples say the three words within three months – but those in the UK wait TWICE as long

How soon is too soon to tell your partner you love them?

According to the latest research from online dating website eHarmony, Australians are most likely to say those three little words in the first three months.

One in 10 even jump the gun with a declaration of love within just seven days.

Source: Daily Mail, 27th June 2019

It’s no surprise to see, then, that this story was created by a dating website, to remind you how handy dating websites are at helping people find people:

Online dating website eHarmony surveyed 2,000 Brits and found that out of every region in the UK, people from Scotland are most likely to confess their love fastest, with the average Scot taking just 84 days to say “I love you”.