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“All the other women in their 40s get cosmetic surgery!” says cosmetic surgeon targeting women in their 40s

The age women are most likely to have cosmetic surgery revealed as 44… but most go under the knife to appear more attractive NOT younger

Women wait until early middle age to address life-long body hang-ups by going under the knife, according to a new study.

Image-conscious females are booking in for cosmetic surgery at 44, with a tummy tuck named the most desired procedure.

Source: Daily Mail, 21st September 2015


Women at the specific age of 44 all rush out to get cosmetic surgery, according to this article in the Daily Mail, which just happens to be a piece of PR for a cosmetic surgeon:

However, research by The Harley Medical Group found that these women want to look more attractive not younger so opt for subtle enhancements.

Note the smart and savvy ploy here of stressing that 44 is the age to get surgery, but that the surgery isn’t anything to do with being old – when, clearly, the fact that there’s an age component to when women supposedly start having surgery clearly implies that age is a factor. So what the hook hammers home, the text attempts to smooth over. Classic PR stuff.

According to the research, women in their 40s no longer want to imitate twentysomethings, preferring to have treatments that will make them look ‘like themselves on a good day’.

Which might well be the case, although they fail to point out that the surgery makes women look like themselves on a good day IN A WIND TUNNEL.

The Harley Medical Group Medical Director Simon Smith commented: ‘Women aren’t going to the extreme measures to change their appearance that we’ve seen in previous decades.

‘However by the time many women are in their mid-40s they may sometimes choose to make some changes in order to maintain a more youthful appearance.’

Exactly – it’s not about age, and it’s not about unrealistic pressure and expectation put on women to look a certain way by society and in part by cosmetic surgeons like The Harley Medical Group Medical Director Simon Smith, it’s just about making some changes. Changes, say, to look the way society and The Harley Medical Group Medical Director Simon Smith believe women should look, for example.

“Cosmetic surgery is so quick and so easy!” says cosmetic surgeon

Trainee beautician gets £600 nose job during her lunch hour after being bullied for looking like X Factor’s Stacey Solomon

A trainee beautician had a nose job after bullies taunted her for looking like the celebrity Stacey Solomon.

Olivia Papworth, from Timperley, Greater Manchester, said she was likened to the former X Factor star because of her ‘hooked’ nose and feared she would never find a boyfriend.

But the 20-year-old said she is no longer plagued with insecurities after undergoing a £600 20-minute non-surgical nose job during her lunch hour.

Source: Daily Mail, 16th September 2015


It’s so easy and so quick to get cosmetic surgery done now – you can even have it done during your lunch break. And the benefits, promoted by this article, are endless – after all:

Olivia said she though her nose would stop her making friends or from finding a boyfriend who truly loved her for who she was.

What’s the best way to find someone who truly loves you for who you are? Plastic surgery, of course. That’s clearly the message of this article, which is unsurprising given that the story is just a placed advert for a cosmetic surgeon:

Doctor Tim Pearce, who carried-out Olivia’s procedure, said: ‘Olivia is a young, beautiful girl so it was such a shame that her nose affected her confidence.

‘As the nose is the centre of the face, it is very common for people of all ages to become very self-conscious if they are not happy with the size or shape of it.

‘Having surgery comes with risks. It’s also very expensive and can have a long recovery period. At SkinViva it is great that we have the ability to change the shape and size of someone’s nose by using a long-lasting reversible filler in just 20 minutes.’

How can we tell for certain that this is nothing more than PR for SkinViva? First off, a search for “SkinViva PR Agency” reveals that the cosmetic surgery appointed Ignite PR as their agency back in May:


From there, a quick search for “Ignite PR nose job” shows the initial appeal for people to be the face behind this story:


And then we have the post-coverage celebration from the PR agency:


In fact, it doesn’t take much of a trawl back through Ignite PR’s twitter feed to see plenty of other appeals for cosmetic surgery stories, and those looking for nose jobs:

Most shockingly of all, the PR company also offers free nose jobs to those willing to take on the surgery and tell their tale afterwards:

It’s fair to say that enticing people to have unnecessary surgery in order to get your client to appear in the newspapers is ethically dicey, at best – but this is the world of cosmetic surgery PR, where the potential impact of the hookline on the self esteem of readers and the perception of beauty matters far, far less than securing those quick-fix column inches.

“The attractive celebs pictured here wear fake tan!” says cosmetics retailer

Which UK city beat Essex to be fake tan capital of the United Kingdom?

A survey has found people in this city buy more bottles of fake tan each year than any other city with girls taking their lead from perma-tanned celebs

Liverpool has been unveiled as the tan-gerine capital of the UK.

A survey has found Scousers buy more bottles of fake tan each year than any other city.

Source: Mirror, 23rd August 2015


Fake tan mitts at the ready! Liverpool is crowned the most bronzed city in Britain knocking the tangoed residents of Essex into second place

Essex has long been considered the tanning capital of the UK, but it appears the home of Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger and co has been out-bronzed – by the tangerine ladies of Liverpool.

Beauty giant Superdrug has released its 2015 Tanning Map Of Britain, which shows the areas that hit the (fake tan) bottle the most. The research found that scousers fake it best while Essex’s Basildon came in second place.

Girls in the north of England are clearly taking the lead from sun-kissed celebrities like former Strictly Come Dancing champion Abbey Clancy, WAG Coleen Rooney and model Danielle Lloyd.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th August 2015


While it’s undoubtedly true that one location in the country must inevitably spend more than others on buying a commonly-bought product, it’s fair to say that’s more of a hook for the story than a piece of groundbreaking research. It’s fairer still to say it’s primarily an excuse to pack the paper with photos of well-known celebrities to draw a little attention to the company behind the story:

The survey found Superdrug stores sell one million bottles of fake tan in the UK each year with 25-34 year olds spending the most on it.

Megan Potter, Head of Beauty at Superdrug said, “It’s fascinating to see a dramatic difference in sales across various cities in the UK.

“Liverpool ladies are renowned for their glam style and always look red carpet ready wherever they go.

“We’ve also seen a significant growth in sales of bronzing in the Essex area with programmes such as The Only Way is Essex fuelling the appetite for a perma-tan.”

Interestingly, if not predictably, this glorified advert made quite a splash in the local papers – not just in Liverpool as it was crowned top of the pile, but also in third-placed Manchester and fourth-placed Birmingham, too. Which just goes to show that while fake tans might be popular, fake news stories are even more so.