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“Gadgets are an important part of childrens’ lives! says gadget retailer

Times have changed since this Bad PR blogger was a wee lad, as was aptly demonstrated in the Telegraph and Daily Mail recently:

Parents punish naughty children by taking away their iPads – survey

Once naughty children would be sent to bed without any supper, but now parents have turned to confiscating their iPads and smartphones to punish them.

Eight out of ten parents with children aged 14 or under say restricting their offspring’s use of gadgets is their preferred form of discipline, a survey found.

Youngsters saw having their tablets and phones taken away as the worst method of punishment because it stopped them from communicating with their friends.

Source: The Telegraph, 12 March 2013

Technology tantrums: Dramatic rise in the number of ‘iPaddys’ when children are sent to bed without their favourite gadgets

It used to be straight to bed without supper for boys and girls who misbehaved.

But with many children now firmly attached to their electronic gadgets, parents are opting to punish them by confiscating their iPads, smartphones and portable games consoles instead.

The only problem is that more than half said their offspring have thrown a tantrum – which some refer to as ‘an iPaddy’ – after their devices are taken away from them.

Source: Daily Mail, 12 March 2013

It’s worth highlighting of course that when the Mail talks of some people referring to a technology-deprived tantrum as an iPaddy, those some people are specifically the PR people who invented this term on behalf of technology retailer Pixmania:

Even toddlers are becoming fans of cutting-edge technology, with one in ten children under four using a tablet…

…Ghadi Hobeika, marketing director of Pixmania, said there had been a “steady rise” in children being bought their own hi-tech devices, leading to new family tensions.

He said: “Gadgets such as tablets and smartphones provide both a method of communication and a form of entertainment, so when parents remove them, this becomes a double whammy.”

Or, in other words, ‘gadgets are really useful and important for children and all the other kids have them’. Rather than being a sobering warning of how children these days are hard to control, these articles are in fact a reminder to parents of the plethora of technological gadgets out there, and where they can get their hands on such a product.

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