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“Hotels in the future are going to be amazing!” says luxury hotel in the now

Hotel news now, with the fascinating speculation as to what hotels might be like in years to come:

Beds that instantly morph into sofas, holographic fitness trainers and beetle bolognese: What hotels will be like in 100 YEARS revealed

In 100 years’ time, it looks like all hotels will receive five-star ratings from customers – every time.

That’s because according to a report on what hotels will be like in the year 2119, ‘every area of the hotel will instantly morph into a guest’s perfect, hyper-personalised space’.

And how will it do this? Thanks to ‘individual data insights, gleaned from embedded chip technology [in the skin]’ that will ‘beam to the hotel, so the space will be ready the moment a guest walks in’.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th June 2019

Hilton reveals what its hotels will look like in the future

Hilton hotel rooms are a few rungs above what you’d expect at the local Travelodge, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

The luxury hotel chain has released a ‘future-gazing report’ about what the hotels of the future may be like. To give you an idea, the company reckons the lobby will respond to each individual’s real-time needs.

Source: Metro, 19th June 2019

It’s little surprise that this story, in which a futurist looks at what hotels might be like in the decades to come, was compiled by a luxury hotel chain:

The report – published by Hilton to celebrate its 100th birthday in partnership with world-renowned German futurologist and university lecturer Gerd Leonhard and other forward thinkers – has some examples of what it means by the ‘perfect space’.

The angle here could not be clearer: “Hilton hotels have been luxurious for the last 100 years, and they’ll be luxurious for the next 100 too!”. The story was almost certainly picked up from a Hilton press release.

Perhaps the futurist might have some thoughts on the future of journalism, and if it will still exist in any meaningful form 100 years from now…

“People want value for money on holidays!” says bureau de change

As holiday season swings around, a pair of holiday stories made headlines in the Daily Star and Daily Mail:

Brits reveal cheapest holiday destinations – here’s where made the list

Looking to book a cheap holiday?

A recent survey reveals the locations Brits find to be the most affordable.

While European destinations topped the list in terms of value, Dubai was said to be the most expensive.

Source: Daily Star, 10th June 2019

Brits rate holiday spots around the world for value, with Spain, Greece and Bulgaria coming top and Dubai at the bottom of the ranking

Spain has been voted the world’s best-value holiday spot by British tourists in a new nationwide poll.

In the survey, 87 per cent of holidaymakers said it offers the best bang for one’s buck.

Greece and Bulgaria came joint second on the value front, with a score of 85 per cent, while at the other end of the scale, Dubai was rated the worst value.  

Source: Daily Mail, 7th June 2019

Which company is so keen to emphasise the importance of value for money when it comes to heading off on holiday?

The United Arab Emirates city was deemed ‘poor value’ by 72 per cent of those taking part in the survey, which was part of Post Office Travel Money’s 2019 Holiday Spending Report.

So once you’re reminded how important value for money is, you rather handily have the name of a place where you can pick up your travel money.


“Older people have dirty photos on their smartphones!” says smartphone security company

“Lesbians are good for headlines!” says promoters of lesbian TV drama

July 11th, 2012

The notion that ‘sex sells’ has long since passed from truism to cliché, the cliché is never more true than when you can throw in the opportunity to show photographs of famous, attractive women. Which goes a long way to explaining this, from the ever-reliably-lecherous Sun:

Most women fancy a snog with Cheryl

ONE in two straight women has snogged a girl friend — and Cheryl Cole is the celeb most would share a gay kiss with.

A survey of 2,000 women found that half have thought nothing of paying a pal some lip service.

Of those, 40 per cent said they were drunk at the time, while a quarter claimed they were just curious to know what tickling tonsils with a girl was like.

Not to mention this three-for-one from the equally-lecherous Daily Mail:

Cheryl Cole, Angelina Jolie and Duchess Kate voted top female celebrities straight women would choose for lesbian clinch

Cheryl Cole is the starlet women would most like to have a lesbian fling with, according to findings. 

Fellow brunettes Angelina Jolie and the Duchess of Cambridge were also rated highly during a study exploring female sexuality.

More than half of heterosexual girls questioned (51 per cent) admitted to passionately kissing another woman on the lips, with 37 per cent saying they were drunk at the time.

Very little about the story is worth passing comment on, but it is however worth pointing out that this ‘study on female sexuality’ was in fact a standard PR opinion poll commissioned to publicise the release of BBC’s lesbian-centric drama Lip Service.

“Women have sex on holiday!” says creepy firm asking men to pay to for female holiday companions

July 9th, 2012 (Updated: July 23rd, 2012)

Some PR stories are so clearly and obviously pitched that the same article, in almost the same words, can feed into the narratives of multiple newspapers at once. Here’s one such example, leered over excitingly by The Sun:

Brit hol girls go bonkers! Third enjoy sex on beach

BRITISH girls are hot stuff on their hols — with a THIRD admitting they have enjoyed a bonk on the beach.

More than 40 per cent of women under 30 have had a one-night stand on holiday — while one in ten have had at least FIVE lovers during a week-long break.

The shocking survey of British holidaymakers’ love lives also reveals nine in ten girls have more sex in the sun than when they’re at home.

And here’s the same story being sneered at and morally-judged by the softcore-pornography-clearing-house that is the Daily Mail Online:

Sun, sea and sex: More than 40% of women under 30 admit to having one-night stands on holiday

More than 40 per cent of British women under 30 have had a one-night stand on holiday, according to a new survey.

The poll, which explored the nation’s sexual habits, found that holiday-makers are more likely to have casual sex abroad than when they are at home.

And getting in touch with their adventurous side, 30 per cent said they enjoyed spending evenings canoodling outdoors on the beach.

Which side are we meant to fall on? Are we to rub our knees and phwoar like a Carry On film? Or should we tut and dismiss the youth of today as a bunch of amoral hussies? Or, maybe, we should take a look behind the survey, and see what that tells us… from the Mail:

The findings were revealed in a poll for dating website MissTravel.com, which asked its 30,000 female British members ten questions about their sexual habits during their summer holidays.

Commenting on the findings CEO Brandon Wade, said: ‘It is clear that women become much more sexually liberated when they are out of their comfort zone.

‘Once they get into their bikini or travel to an exciting new city our members’ thoughts turn to sex.

‘Almost one in three of our members have had sex on a beach

MissTravel.com, for those who aren’t aware, are less of a dating website and more of a ‘wealthy men paying for attractive girls to go on holiday with them’ opportunity. From their own website:

Who needs money, beautiful people travel for free! Travel dating for generous and attractive people

The business is model runs thus: single men with plenty of money are able to choose young, attractive women from the pages of the website’s catalogue membership list, and determine which of them they’d like to hire accompany for a holiday. Such sites are relatively new, albeit based on a business model which bears striking similarity to the world’s oldest profession. Which would of course be fine, were it sold transparently so, rather than hiding the model behind the seeming legitimacy of this pseudo-sociological bullshit research.

Looking again at the story through the lens of the dubious product it’s promoting, the angle is clear:

Hey, men! Finding it hard to get into a girl’s knickers? Join our site, pay us a fee, take a stranger abroad and you’ll have a 2 in 5 chance of getting laid. You’re welcome, creepy millionaire / desperate and frustrated singleton!

At least The Sun have the good grace to display their venality up front – The Daily Mail’s faux outrage at the amoral youth of today is somewhat undone by the otherwise glowing reports of Miss Travel and their ilk below the fold in the article.