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“Men are useless at arranging events!” says voucher website

“Men are useless at arranging events!” says voucher website

That’s right, sort your lives out men! Because, as we know, you’re all a bunch of overgrown children unable to look after yourselves without your female partner sorting everything out for you, right? It’s a wonder you even got dressed this morning!

Needless to say, whenever there’s this level of gender stereotyping in the media, there’s always a company behind it looking to profit… in this case a well-known voucher website:

Roy Blanga, managing director at Groupon UK who conducted the study, said: ‘It can be difficult to get events booked in when you’re dealing with friends and family.

‘But there are so many easy-to-use mobile apps and websites out there to help us find inspiration, there’s no reason not to the rescue the situation and organise a get-together in the spur of the moment.

‘We can quickly search online for deals on theatre trips, comedy gigs, or even holidays – all the information is available at our fingertips.’

We know you’re useless, men, but the least you could do is make an effort to arrange events – starting with the events listed on Groupon, for one.

“Our dear mums never get to do anything exciting!” says voucher website ahead of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is tomorrow, which almost certainly in no way explains why the Daily Mail decided to highlight the monotonous life of the modern mum:

Mother’s groundhog day: A third of mums say they’re so tied to their daily routine they haven’t tried ANYTHING new in the past year

Few would argue that motherhood is one of toughest challenges a woman can face in her life.

And new research suggests that many mothers feel rather constrained by their role.

A third of mothers say they are so tied to their daily routine they haven’t tried anything new in the past year.

Research found half of bored British mothers (48 per cent) complain they are ‘stuck in a rut’.

Source: Daily Mail, 5 March 2013


It seems mothers these days have it tough, with few poor mum’s getting to go out to the cinema, or to enjoy a weekend away, or to be pampered in a spa for a day, or even to have a romantic meal for two.

We know all of these things are lacking from the lives of our wives and mothers, because a survey carried out by Groupon – the voucher website offering deals on trips to the cinema, weekends away, pampering spa days and romantic meals for two – discovered exactly what mum’s want most in their lives at the moment that can be bought on Groupon.

In utterly unrelated news, on Mother’s Day (tomorrow), children traditionally buy gifts for their mother, as a show of their affection and appreciation.