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“We know what a REAL man likes!” says TV channel aimed at men

Masculinity news now, with the revelation that what it means to be a man has evolved away from traditional stereotypes:

What makes a REAL man? Blokes say loyalty, politeness, parenting and polishing

Loyalty to friends, being in touch with your feelings and doing your bit for domestic bliss are among the top signs of modern manliness, a poll of the nation’s blokes shows.

Standing by mates (42%) topped the list of qualities guys aspire to – ahead of faithfulness to a partner (37%).

The traditional gentlemanly act of opening doors for both women and men was third, followed by a string of less traditional ideals.

More than one in four said sharing chores and parenting duties, including changing nappies, was essential.

Source: Mirror, 12th June 2019

MODERN MAN: Looking after yourself physically and not getting too drunk is considered manly, according to men

LOOKING after yourself physically, opening doors for both sexes, not getting too drunk and having a creative flair – are among a list of signs of manliness in the modern age, according to the nation’s blokes.

Researchers polled the nation on which factors constitute manliness in the modern age, with loyalty to friends coming top of the list of qualities modern guys aspire to (42 percent).

Source: The Sun, 30th June 2019

While it’s encouraging to see another article highlighting that the old ideas of masculinity aren’t as relevant or prevalent any more, that doesn’t mean this article is any less of a piece of marketing and native advertising:

A spokesperson for TV channel Quest, which commissioned the poll to mark its move to channel 12 on Freeview, said: “The study has uncovered interesting insights into how modern men view themselves.

“It was good to see how many modern men have passions and hobbies outside of their families.”

Quest, for the uninitiated, are a TV channel who target a male demographic, so it’s nice to see them recognising that the modern man isn’t just about cars, hunting, and working on machinery.

I’m sure the new, sensitive, modern man that Quest are looking to attract will look forward to tuning into the modern man’s channel, to watch programmes like “Wheeler Dealers”, “Deadliest Catch”, “Salvage Hunters”, and “Scrap Kings”.

Ah well, they say progress is a marathon, not a sprint.