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“Men need teddy bears to sleep!” says bed company

Rise of the teddy boys! The grown men who won’t sleep without stuffed toys beside them (and their girlfriends don’t mind)

Cuddling up to a teddy bear is usual practise for small children and toddlers but increasing numbers of grown men are confessing to sleeping with a cuddly toy.

Half of men still have a teddy bear, compared with 39 per cent of women and a quarter take their much-loved stuffed toy to bed at night, according to research commissioned by Time4Sleep.

Here three grown men tell FEMAIL why they’re not ashamed to take their teddies to bed with them – and their girlfriends.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th September 2015


Is it OK for grown men to still own cuddly toys?

As a survey reveals that 28 per cent of adult men still sleep with a stuffed animal, Jonathan Wells asks why some men just can’t bear to part with their teddies

Stuffed animals and cuddly toys are almost synonymous with a feeling of safety. At a young age, teddy bears and all manner of other such plush characters are thrust upon us and we create bonds with them that we feel shall last forever. And whilst the majority of adults eventually put Fluffy the bear and Mr Cuddles into storage it would appear that, for some of us, those childhood bonds are just too hard to break.

Source: Telegraph, 16th September 2015


What’s the story here: are we seeing an epidemic of man-child proportions, with men around the country clinging onto their childhoods and their bedtime stuffed companion? Or are we seeing an orchestrated PR campaign from a bed retailer?

Online bed retailers Time4Sleep recently conducted an extensive survey and discovered that not only do 51 per cent of adult men still own their childhood cuddly toy, 28 pc of us still spend every night sleeping alongside them.

Was it ever in doubt?

“People want to sleep with older women!” says ‘cougar’ dating site (EDIT: BUT NOT HAVE SEX WITH THEM, DEFINITELY NOT, REALLY)

Mary Berry is voted the older woman men would most like to date – and beats Carol Vorderman, Nigella Lawson and Pippa Middleton (who’s just 31)

Chef Mary Berry has been crowned top celebrity cougar, with the Great British Bake Off judge beating off stiff competition from other mature women in showbiz.

The 80-year-old led the list with Davina McCall, 47, coming second, Carol Vorderman, 54, third and celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, 55, in fourth place.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th August, 2015


Do men really fantasise about sex with the septuagenarian chef, Mary Berry? Hard to say, but what is beyond doubt is that this story – and with it all of the names and photos of celebrities men would apparently most like to sleep with – is nothing more than an advert for a niche ‘dating’ site:

The survey by dating website Toyboy Warehouse polled 452 men on which women older than them they found most attractive.

Toyboy Warehouse, as you can probably guess, is a ‘cougar dating’ website, where older women can find younger men for sex hugs and cuddles and strolls on the beach BUT HEAVEN HELP YOU IF YOU SUGGEST THERE IS SEX INVOLVED.


As for what Toyboy Warehouse made of Mary Berry topping the list they paid for her to be the top of, here’s the obligatory spokesperson expressing the obligatory surprise at this obligatorily shocking but almost-certainly pre-planned result:

Owner Mike Bandar said: ‘We definitely weren’t expecting Berry to win the top spot but why shouldn’t she?

‘She’s an older woman loved by millions.

‘The Cougar is massive at the moment, the idea that older women want to date a young toyboy is accepted and even encouraged.

‘Women such as Carol Vorderman, Davina McCall and Delia Smith are seen as sexy, intelligent and desirable to men half their age

Is ‘the cougar’ really massive at the moment? That’s as likely to be true as the notion that Mary Berry was added to the pre-written list of options for ‘most popular older fantasy’ without any intention for her to come top of the list in a story that was scheduled to launch right at the time of the latest series of the Great British Bake Off going to air. In PR, there are very, very few coincidences.