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“People get angry!” says film with famously-angry protagonist

Queue jumping, spitting and people who say ‘well jel’: Survey reveals the things that REALLY make us see red

Queue jumpers, benefit scroungers, traffic jams and petrol prices have emerged among a list of the 50 things which make us angry, a study revealed yesterday.

Researchers polled 2,000 Brits to reveal the most likely rage-inducing things, with people pushing in front of us in queues unsurprisingly topping the list.

Source: Daily Mail, 19th November 2013

Things clearly wind us up – from queue jumping, to celebrities, to rudeness. But do you know what didn’t make it into the list? Film companies hiring Bad PR blog regulars Onepoll to create meaningless pseudoresearch in order to disguise their advertising as ‘news’:

A spokesman for The Wolverine, which commissioned the poll to mark the Blu-ray and digital release of the film, said: ‘Everyone has moments where they get into a bit of a rage, but the majority of the time, it’s over something fairly trivial, as this list shows.

Of course, the good thing about this kind of harmless pseudoresearch is that it can’t have any negative repercussions – such as reinforcing tabloid narratives about ‘benefit scroungers’ (sixth on the list).

It’s worth bearing in mind, too, that this list wasn’t compiled by asking people to name things that annoy them – instead, it was compiled by giving people a list of things a PR company has deemed as annoying, and asking them to put them in order.

Personally, as a member of the Onepoll polling community, had they asked me in an open-ended question what I find most annoying, I know what I would have told them.


“Retirement can be dull – unless you’ve saved up enough to enjoy it!” says building society


“How well you sleep and what you dream of can affect your relationship!” says hotel chain


“You can learn lots at university!” says animated film about university


“Some recruitment consultants invent silly job titles!” says other recruitment consultant

“Most kids today use iPads!” says maker of children’s iPad app

“Most kids today use iPads!” says maker of children’s iPad app

Can it really be true that a whopping 61% of three-year-olds today are using iPads? Well, possibly… or more realistically we could say that 61% of parents who are tech-savvy enough to be part of a Bad PR regular OnePoll’s polling community will tick boxes to say their children use iPads when presented with a quick and relatively-low-importance question in a survey. Which isn’t precisely the same thing, but does make for an equally good opportunity to talk about the company who paid for this poll:

The survey, conducted on behalf of the children’s app range Justin’s World, found 66 per cent of children aged between four and six use a tablet.

I’m glad we have such research heavyweights as the maker of an app aimed at children to help us discover that apps are a really great way for children to learn.

“Girls should do more things with their friends!” says bingo website

Ladies – don’t you hate having to be around your partner? Don’t you find yourself yearning for a night out with the girls? Yes, you do – we have proof:

Friendly fire: Married women prefer their pals to their partners, survey claims

FOUR in 10 married women say they would rather spend time with girlfriends than their husbands.

They find them better company, are more interested in them and are more likely to enjoy a gossip with them, a study says.

Source: Mirror, 10th October 2013

Girls just wanna have fun (with other girls): Four in ten women would rather spend time with their girlfriends than their husbands

They can share clothes, debate the calorie count of every cocktail on the menu and they are equally happy gossiping or talking about the latest political scandal.

No wonder four in ten women would rather spend time with their girl friends than their husbands.

The latest research has found that most women would prefer to spend a day off with their best friend as they are more fun and more likely to enjoy a good gossip.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th October 2013

Which company hired Bad PR regulars One Poll to create a survey designed to discover that women prefer a night out with their girlfriends to spending time with their partners?

A spokesperson for Paddy Power Bingo, who carried out the research, said: ‘The research found that although women love their other half they do also love time with their girlfriends to have a laugh.

‘Catching up with a friend to gossip or share stories can be a real tonic if you’re having a hectic week – and you do of course tend to talk about different topics with girlfriends than you do with your husband or boyfriend.

Don’t spend time with your lover – take the girls to the bingo hall instead, because a bingo company thinks it’s a good idea.

“Some marriages end in divorce!” says divorce law firm

“Some marriages end in divorce!” says divorce law firm

It’s nice to know that people particularly enjoy the third year of their marriage – and to see so positive a story appearing in the often self-serving and cynical PR world. Thank goodness there’s nothing negative to temper this happy buzz…

By contrast, the study found the fifth year to be the hardest to overcome due to factors such as tiredness or even exhaustion amid increasing workloads – and children…

The study also found familiarity with each other, regular bickers over the sharing of chores and the stress caused by financial worries also takes its toll.

Bringing a child into the marriage around this point can also put strain on the relationship.

The report also found seven years to be ‘the wall’, which if scaled successfully paves the way for a long, happy and lasting liaison for matrimony.

Ah, spoke to soon – it’s almost as if this sugar-coated story actually hides within it a cynical piece of advertising for a company which would profit from being first in mind when marriages turn to divorce:

The in-depth study, commissioned by family law specialists Slater & Gordon, examined the dynamics of modern married life.

Family lawyer at Slater & Gordon Amanda McAlister said: ‘It’s not very often we see clients in those first few years of marriage but by the five year mark or a couple of years after they have children we often have married couples asking us for advice.

‘The buzz of the first few years where everything is new is hard to maintain and often people find that married life hasn’t lived up to their expectations.

‘We encourage anyone having doubts at this point in their marriage to really think about whether it’s a crisis that can’t be overcome.’

Little surprise then to see a divorce lawyer at the heart of this story suggesting that marriages get tough around years five and seven – a story which also picked up coverage in The Herald.

Little surprise, either, to find that this survey was conducted via Bad PR regulars OnePoll – with 87% of the resulting press release making it into the article by Martha De Lacey in the Daily Mail.

If only there was some easy way to bring to an end the cosy marriage of the PR industry and newspaper industry.

“Some words are annoying” says polling company looking for headlines

“Some words are annoying” says polling company looking for headlines

Breaking ‘research’ reveals that there are some words most people in the country hate – ‘research’ broken exclusively in The Sun, who themselves are experts in things most people in the country hate. Although, technically, since the addition of a paywall I should refer to it as The SUN+ (which basically means you get all the semi-literate irritation of The Sun, ‘plus’ you have to pay to view it).

This particular research was conducted by and for Bad PR regulars OnePoll, this time aiming to hit the headlines themselves rather than on behalf of a client – an aim that they’d have missed, were it not for The Sun “+” and a feature on This Morning:

A spokesman for paid survey site, OnePoll, which commissioned the study, said:

”We never imagined the nation would find such mainstream words so frustrating.

”Quite often we find ourselves using these words automatically in sentences every day without realising we could be frustrating our friends, family or colleagues.

Personally, some of my least favourite words in the English language include ‘according to a survey by OnePoll’.

“People aren’t always great drivers!” says law firm specialising in driving offenses

“People aren’t always great drivers!” says law firm specialising in driving offenses

Twenty per cent of people drive drunk or fall asleep at the wheel? That’s a staggeringly-high statistic, if true. However if the statistic was generated, say, by a polling company with a long history of churning out media-friendly pseudo-data – such as Bad PR regulars OnePoll, who conducted this survey – then we might have less to fear on the roads.

Who commissioned the research, resulting in the press release which made up 70% of Sam Chadderton’s article in the Mirror?

Paul Kitson of law firm Slater & Gordon, which commissioned the poll, said: “Driving can have terrible consequences if you don’t take it seriously.

“We work with clients who experience the life changing effects of bad driving every day.

“It’s important to remember that driving can have terrible consequences if you don’t take it seriously.”

A responsible sentiment, absolutely – but one unquestionably appearing in an article which used unlikely statistics to advertise the same law firm in the national press.