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“People get viruses and infections!” says cleaning product company

Are women the weaker sex? ‘Man flu’ myth debunked as females more likely to take sick days

THE COLD and flu virus is rife with various strains being spread across the nation, causing coughs, sore throats and even the dreaded norovirus.

The number of people getting in with the viruses is higher in winter, and the bad weather can even exacerbate existing health conditions.

Source: Express, 14th November 2016


Straight out of the ‘men vs women’ PR playbook – in which you poll a load of people and then split the results down binary gender options, knowing full-well that one of those groups statistically has to outperform the other – we have the ‘research’ that shows that women take more sick days than men. According to the manufacturer of cleaning products:

Sickness statistics revealed by Dettol’s survey of 2,000 people, found 30 per cent admitted that they called in sick more than once this year alone due to a cold.

Of course, had the stats worked out as showing that men took slightly more sick days than women, Dettol could run a very similar article, gaining just as much column inches, regardless of the outcome of their survey.