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“Keeping a to-do list is vital!” says office productivity software

Cast aside your Monday morning blues – it seems this is the time when you’re actually most productive, and able to really get into the working week. The best way to measure your productiveness is to tackle that ever-expanding to-do list:

Speaking in both a personal and professional capacity, if my to-do list ever contained as few as three items, I’d be worried I was doing something wrong. My ‘outstanding write-ups of PR in the Daily Mail’ to-do list is currently at over 450 stories for 2013…

Ah, bugger, it looks like that backlog of Mail stories may never get exposed and lampooned.

Fortunately, the company behind this survey have exactly the products you need to get your working week on track:

The research, which was conducted by Microsoft Office, also found that despite the pressures of the working day, 56 per cent of people will keep a to-do list at home compared to only 49 per cent at work

I wonder if Microsoft have any productivity tools to help expose how often their nonsense PR stories get presented as real news.