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“Your boobs change size, so you should buy a new bra!” says bra company

Our cups runneth over! Average bra size rises from 36C to 36DD… with women from Cheshire and Manchester boasting the largest assets

Britain’s average bra size has risen from a 36C to a more voluptuous 36DD, with women in the North West of England boasting the biggest bust.

The Great British Bra Survey, which polled 2,000 women aged between 16 and 75, suggested that size differed depending on where where you lived and even which month your birthday was.

Women in Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire have the largest assets, an average DD, while ladies from the North East, including Durham and Newcastle, average a B cup.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th September 2015


As any good PR professional will tell you, people love boobs, and newspapers love stories about boobs… which is why it was no surprise to see this results of the ‘Great British Bra Survey’ splash across the pages of the Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Metro, Cosmopolitan, Warrington Guardian, Derby Telegraph, Liverpool Echo, Manchester Confidential and This is Lancashire – each adorned with pictures of boobs (or pictures of bras, for those not wanting to be too obvious).

According to the ‘research’, breast size is on the rise, with the average cup moving from a 36C to a 36DD. Elsewhere in the story, the data is mined to within an inch of its life: firstly for the geographical breakdown (which results in the extensive local news coverage where breasts are said to be largest, naturally), and then, inexplicably, by month of birth. Primarily, one assumes, to pad out the story. Yes, that was intentional.

Which august research body is behind these findings?

Nicola Rodney-Crook, managing director of Bras and Honey, which sponsored the research, said:

‘An average woman will change bra size six times in her life so while it’s important to ensure that we review the bra market on a regular basis, we also have a responsibility to help educate women at the same time.

‘For example, not many women know that their bra size will fluctuate throughout the month, let alone throughout the year.’

The angle is clear: a lingerie firm wants to encourage women to buy more bras, so they commission a headline-baiting survey to remind women that their breast size may fluctuate, and so it’s time to replenish the lingerie drawer.

“The attractive celebs pictured here wear fake tan!” says cosmetics retailer

Which UK city beat Essex to be fake tan capital of the United Kingdom?

A survey has found people in this city buy more bottles of fake tan each year than any other city with girls taking their lead from perma-tanned celebs

Liverpool has been unveiled as the tan-gerine capital of the UK.

A survey has found Scousers buy more bottles of fake tan each year than any other city.

Source: Mirror, 23rd August 2015


Fake tan mitts at the ready! Liverpool is crowned the most bronzed city in Britain knocking the tangoed residents of Essex into second place

Essex has long been considered the tanning capital of the UK, but it appears the home of Amy Childs, Lauren Goodger and co has been out-bronzed – by the tangerine ladies of Liverpool.

Beauty giant Superdrug has released its 2015 Tanning Map Of Britain, which shows the areas that hit the (fake tan) bottle the most. The research found that scousers fake it best while Essex’s Basildon came in second place.

Girls in the north of England are clearly taking the lead from sun-kissed celebrities like former Strictly Come Dancing champion Abbey Clancy, WAG Coleen Rooney and model Danielle Lloyd.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th August 2015


While it’s undoubtedly true that one location in the country must inevitably spend more than others on buying a commonly-bought product, it’s fair to say that’s more of a hook for the story than a piece of groundbreaking research. It’s fairer still to say it’s primarily an excuse to pack the paper with photos of well-known celebrities to draw a little attention to the company behind the story:

The survey found Superdrug stores sell one million bottles of fake tan in the UK each year with 25-34 year olds spending the most on it.

Megan Potter, Head of Beauty at Superdrug said, “It’s fascinating to see a dramatic difference in sales across various cities in the UK.

“Liverpool ladies are renowned for their glam style and always look red carpet ready wherever they go.

“We’ve also seen a significant growth in sales of bronzing in the Essex area with programmes such as The Only Way is Essex fuelling the appetite for a perma-tan.”

Interestingly, if not predictably, this glorified advert made quite a splash in the local papers – not just in Liverpool as it was crowned top of the pile, but also in third-placed Manchester and fourth-placed Birmingham, too. Which just goes to show that while fake tans might be popular, fake news stories are even more so.