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“Children don’t like their fathers!” says greeting card company ahead of Father’s Day

Teens won’t be seen within 22ft of dads

TEENAGERS will not go within 22ft of their fathers when they are out in public.

Researchers found British teens like to keep an “exclusion zone” around their dads, fearing they will be seen by friends.

Source: Daily Star, 5th June 2014 


Daaadddd! British teenagers stay an average of 6.7 metres away from their ’embarrassing’ fathers in public

The tradition of embarrassing fathers is alive and kicking in Britain today a survey has revealed.

In fact British teenagers find their fathers so embarrassing that they stay an average of 6.7 metres away from them if they are out together in public, for fear of being seen by friends.

But maybe the kids should be more grateful as it transpires that the average father also does 627 ‘dad miles’ every year on weekends, ferrying teens to and from parties and other social gatherings, often very late into the evening.

Source: Daily Mail, 5th June 2014


It seems that no matter what fathers do, their children are embarrassed by them, and wouldn’t be seen dead in their presence. Those poor fathers! If only there was an opportunity to tell your dad just how great he is…

The research ahead of Fathers’ Day on June 15 also found that dads fall well behind mums in the “thank-you” stakes.

Figures from the UK Greeting Card Association show 22million Father’s Day cards were sent in 2013, less than half of those sent to mums on Mothers’ Day.

Clintons bosses want stroppy teens – like 53-year-old Harry Enfield’s TV dope Kevin – to redress the balance this year and thank their dads for the contributions they make to life.

Hardly surprising that the bosses of Clintons would be so keen on teenagers giving their father a card on Father’s Day… given that Clintons are the biggest greeting card retailer in the country.