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“You should be more spontaneous!” says last-minute travel website

Frisky business: Ditching the diary and surprising your lover boosts sex by 33%

The sunshine may be putting a spring in your step, but proceed with caution — the months of June and July are a love danger zone with Facebook seeing more relationship status break downs than any other month.

But fortunately there are ways of keeping your relationship strong, happy and ‘active’. According to a study carried out by psychologist Jo Hemming for lastminute.com, the magic ingredient is spontaneity.

Ditching the routine and introducing regular ‘planned spontaneity’ boosts sexual activity and increases happiness by a full day and a half per week.

Source: Daily Mail, 16th June 2014


Predictability is hard to avoid – trust me, I’ve written over 450 blogs on this website over the years, and predictability is the biggest threat to me continuing. Equally, predictability is a clear threat to the love lives of the nation, with relationships hitting the rocks left right and centre.

It’s not all bad news, of course: by introducing a little spontaneity into your relationship, you can boost sex by 33%. It’s just a shame that the headline doesn’t make it clear if that 33% is in frequency, intensity, speed or simply word length (throwing in a spontaneous extra letter really keeps sjex fresh and surprising).

Most predictably of all, this story extolling the virtues of spontaneity is little more than an advert for a travel website which specialises in last minute travel deals – lastminute.com.