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“People love takeaways!” says takeaway company

Britons prefer to have a takeaway meal together over home-cooked food

MILLIONS of Britons are now more likely to sit down to a takeaway instead of a traditional home-cooked meal.

Time pressures mean almost half of people under the age of 35 would serve their families a takeaway meal for a get-together, new research revealed today.

Source: Daily Express, 7th October 2015


People in Britain love a good takeaway, even forgoing a traditional family meal in order to tuck into their favourite food delivered fresh to their door. So with such an importance seemingly placed on this new family fave, it’s crucial that we all know where to locate the best takeaway. Fortunately, there’s a PR-commissioning-app for that:

Just under a quarter would also rather go to a restaurant than cook, according to the study by digital takeaway specialists Just Eat.

It’s little surprise that Just Eat want us to value a takeaway with our family.

“Modern lives are incredibly busy, and often both parents work long hours,” said Graham Corfield from Just Eat.

“So increasingly people are looking for ways to be more effective with their time so that they can spend as much of the day as possible with their families and doing the things they love.”

It’s somewhat fitting, I suppose, given that PR is essentially the takeaway of news: quick, hassle-free, lazy and ultimately terrible to rely on long term.

The research was commissioned to celebrate the launch of the British Takeaway Awards, which take place next month.

I guess we can look out for more takeaway PR in November, in that case.

“People fight over who has to cook meals!” says takeaway company

Relationships can be tricky things, fraught with danger and pitfalls – if the world of PR has anything to say in the matter, that is. Take, for instance, an article from the Daily Express:


Only money causes more arguments with two out of three couples squabbling over domestic chores at least once a week.

Research reveals that one in five of us knows a couple who row regularly or have even broken up over housework.

Laziness about cooking and cleaning comes second only to bad personal hygiene in the list of reasons to dump someone, the study by online takeaway firm Just Eat found. Record numbers of couples file for divorce in January, hinting at dramas such as illicit affairs, financial worries and Christmas “cabin fever”.

But in the survey of more than 2,000 adults money was named as the cause of most rows by nearly a quarter (24 per cent) with 17 per cent saying household chores were to blame.

Source: Daily Express, 21 January 2013


The article was also picked up by the Daily Mail on the same day:

House-cleaning causes the most marital dust-ups as majority of couples admit they row over chores at least once a week

Couple fight more over who cleans the house, does the cooking and washes up than anything else except money, a survey found.

Nearly two-thirds admit they argue over chores at least once a week. And one in five people know a couple who row regularly or have broken up over the issue.

Laziness about cooking, cleaning and other chores comes second only to bad personal hygiene in the list of reasons to break up with someone, the survey of more than 2,000 adults by online.

Source: Daily Mail, 21 January 2013


It seems, then, that to be in a relationship is to experience an endless stream of arguments over petty little things, like who does the cooking. Which begs the question: what can be done to alleviate these domestic woes and bring harmony back to our lives? Well…

David Buttress, managing director UK for Just Eat, said: “When tempers wear thin, think about letting a professional takeaway chef do the hard work instead.”

That would be Just Eat, the takeaway company, telling you that you’ll argue with your loved one over who does the cooking, unless you find a way to avoid either of you having to cook.