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“No-one else will pay for your pothole-damaged cars!” says breakdown service

BRITAIN’S CRUMBLING ROADS: Drivers claim for pothole damage ‘every 17 MINUTES’

BRITAIN’S roads are crumbling so badly that drivers make a claim for pothole damage every 17 minutes, the RAC Foundation revealed yesterday.

In the last financial year drivers made at least 31,483 claims against councils for vehicle damage caused by poor road conditions.

The total was 9 per cent up on the previous year, said the analysis of data from 204 out of Great Britain’s 207 local authorities.

Motorists claimed for damage including punctures, wrecked wheels and broken axles.

Source: Express, 13th October 2016


Drivers pay the price for pothole plague: Motorists now making a claim every 17 minutes for damage

Motorists whose cars are being damaged by potholes on Britain’s ‘crumbling third world roads’ are making a compensation claim to councils every 17 minutes, a damning new report reveals today.

But while the number of claims made has risen by nearly 9 per cent, the money that cash-strapped councils are paying out to hard-pressed motorists is actually falling, leaving drivers out of pocket, according to the respected RAC Foundation.

It says that last year drivers made at least 31,483 claims against councils across Britain for potentially ‘life-threatening’ vehicle damage – equivalent to one every 17 minutes.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th October 2016


A report on the crumbling state of British road infrastructure here, and the impact our broken roads has on the everyday driver. While the data may well be true, the source is hardly without vested interest:

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding said: ‘These figures are symptomatic of the inadequate funding available for local road maintenance.

‘Drivers worried about the cost of running a car scarcely know where to look. They must try to keep one eye on rising pump prices and another on the potholes that can add hundreds to their annual motoring bills by causing damage to tyres and wheels.

I’m sure the RAC have drivers’ best interests at heart in highlighting the damage that can be done by pot-holed roads, but they also won’t be too disappointed if the reminder prompts drivers to ensure they have breakdown cover, should the worst happen.

“People prefer to have decking rather than lawns!” says garden furniture company

Busy Britons are ditching their lawns for patios and decking

SO much for the green, green, grass of home. . . the perfectly-manicured lawn is going out of fashion.

One in four homes no longer has grass in the garden, a survey has found.

The green oases are being replaced by low-maintenance decking or patios.

Source: Express, 2nd September 2015


Are lawns becoming a thing of the past? Now one in four homes has no grass as decking, paving and AstroTurf take over

A freshly mown lawn was once a source of pride for millions of British homeowners.

But one in four homes now has no real grass in its garden as the UK paves over its green space, a survey has found.

As gardening falls out of favour with many Britons, households are choosing low maintenance alternatives such as paving, decking and AstroTurf – with almost three-quarters of adults saying that a lawn is a ‘burden’.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd September 2015


The humble lawn is on the way out, and instead we are subjected to the false prophets of decking astroturf and paving slabs – oh, how we mourn the death of the English garden. Though, of course, some companies have more incentive than others to make us love our lawns:

The poll, for garden furniture firm Alfresia.co.uk, discovered that one in 10 of us has even replaced traditional lawns with artificial grass such as AstroTurf.

Lose the lawn? Heresy! If we didn’t have a lawn, what exactly would we put in its place? Let’s ask the marketing manager of the firm who paid for this story to be in the news:

Craig Corbett, marketing manager at Alfresia.co.uk, said: “As a time-poor nation, we are constantly looking for ways to maintain our homes and outdoor space, with minimum effort and minimum cost.

“For those who don’t have the time but don’t want to miss out on the amount of wildlife a lawn will attract, it is important to feature plenty of low-maintenance varieties of hedges and potted plants as well as other natural plantation.

“They will attract birds, bees, butterflies and more.”

Ah, thank goodness we have Alfresia to tell us what things from Alfresia we should be buying to solve our lawn issues, whatever would we do without them. Well, for starters, we wouldn’t be reading PR stories they’ve placed in the news, for one. In the time I’ve been picking apart this piece of PR-puffery, I could have been tending to my fictional lawn.

“Things annoy taxis drivers!” says taxi-booking app

Taxi drivers are easily irritated – we all know that. What we may not have known is how easily they can be pandered to in order to secure headline coverage – in this case, by taxi-booking app Hailo:

The cabbies also liked the “Middle-aged men in Lycra zone” sign to warn of cyclists ahead. The list was created for Hailo, a smart phone app that helps customers call a taxi.

Cabbies also want out-dated road signs, such as for horse-drawn vehicles, dropped.

Hailo’s Russell Hall, said: “The new road signs address modern life. Potholes are a common gripe for all drivers.”


Slightly less willing to play ball were the Department for Transport, whose spokesperson offered the most beautifully flat quote:

The Department for Transport said: “It is vital that signs give information road users need. They are reviewed to ensure they’re fit for purpose.”

I’m not sure anything I write could convey how much of a waste of time and space this story is, better than that DoT quote does.