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“Looking good can be expensive if you don’t use discounts!” says discount website

Make-up news now, with the report in the Express that women are spending vast amounts of money on their appearance:

REVEALED: The average woman spends THIS much a lifetime on her appearance

THE average woman spends around £70,000 on her appearance during a lifetime, a survey found.

The new research also claims nearly £34,000 of this is spent on her face alone.

In a bid to stay looking young, nearly a quarter of women said they would consider cosmetic surgery and one in five women admit to spending up to £19.99 a month on anti-ageing facial products.

Source: Express, 9th March 2017

It’s pricey being a woman, clearly, with all of the aesthetic products the average woman is mandated to buy. However, the real crux of this article isn’t on make-up, but on a new health fad:

In a bid to encourage a healthy lifestyle and help combat the strains of using modern technology, Groupon has teamed up with face yoga expert Danielle Collins to create a unique and brand new fitness workout for the face.

You might wonder just how expensive this new fad is – fortunately, the originators of this piece can assure you there are ways to save money:

According to the survey by Groupon women spend on average £1,352 a year on looking after their appearance, equating to over £70,294 in their lifetime. The massive spend includes gym memberships, manicures and minor cosmetic procedures…

A Groupon spokesman said: “We’re always on the lookout for new trends and facial fitness is definitely something more people are becoming interested in.

“Our research shows that for those who already do yoga and see the benefits of it, they’re open to the idea of applying the same principles to exercise their face muscles. It’s quick, fun, and free – proving that keeping fit doesn’t have to break the bank.”

That’s Groupon, the discount website, who just might have discounts available for their new style of yoga, just maybe.

“Men are weak and whiny when it comes to being ill!” says herbal pill-pushers

I’ve often been of the opinion that the notion of ‘man flu’ was an annoying and insulting piece of gender stereotyping. However, it transpires that I’m completely wrong, as new research has proven conclusively that it’s true:

Man flu is real… just ask a man

MAN flu really does exist – in the minds of Britain’s wimpish men.

In theory colds and flu affect males in exactly the same way as females. But though 41 per cent of men believe they dealt with winter illness in the same way as women, only 16 per cent of females questioned in a new survey agreed.

Instead 52 per cent of women said men respond differently by wallowing and feeling sorry for themselves rather than being pro-active.

Source: Daily Express, 1st October 2013

Finally, then, we have scientific proof that the concept of man-flu isn’t merely immature, ignorant and trite. The source of this scientific proof?

The findings come from a survey of 1,000 adults for health brand Potter’s Herbals. It found 53 per cent of women suffering from colds or flu “just get on with it and carry on as normal”. 

Dr Chris Etheridge, a medical herbalist, said: “There is strong evidence that some herbal remedies, in particular Echinacea, can prevent the onset of a cold and shorten its duration.”

We can say one thing for certain, at least – medical herbalists are as thorough in their PR research as they are in their scientific research, and equally adept at finding truth in both fields.