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“Men turn into their fathers!” says TV channel promoting old comedies

Are you turning into your dad? The top ten signs you’ve embraced dad-ism revealed as survey says 38 is age men turn into their father.

It’s a startling moment in any man’s life.

You’re sat on the sofa keenly scrutinising the money pages of the newspaper, looking forward to giving the lawn a good mowing and finding yourself unusually excited about an upcoming sale at B&Q, when it hits you (if you can keep your eyes open long enough): you’ve turned into your dad.

It’s enough to make you slip on your sensibly priced comfortable shoes and retreat to your man cave with a pint of bitter.

Source: Independent, 17 April 2014



It seems all men are destined to become their fathers – it’s a message carried not only in the Independent, but also in the Daily MailDaily Express and Daily Star. With so many convergent sources, it must be true… or, just maybe, it might be PR for a TV channel running a ‘Dad Dancing’ competition:

Steve North, General Manager of UKTV channel Gold said: ‘The future looks bright for men, more sleep, having your very own chair, letting loose on the dance floor and finding ourselves funny – it seems 38 is the age men officially lose their inhibitions

Source: Daily Mail, 17 April 2014

And why the focus on getting old and turning into your father? The Daily Mail carries the crucial quote from North:

‘The best way to ward off the top dad-ism sign of falling asleep in the front room is by tuning into Gold’s Easter schedule featuring Only Fools and Horses, the Royle Family and the Vicar of Dibley.’

Embrace it, fellas – turn into your dad, and you can enjoy the same tired old sitcoms he was watching 20 years ago!

“People know too little about the Bible!” says TV show about the Bible

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the birth of our lord, saviour and definitely-exactly-as-the-bible-describes son-of-god, Jesus Christ.

It seems that, despite having infant schools the length and breadth of the country act out the birth of arguably the world’s most famous carpenter, people just aren’t familiar enough with the minor details of the bronze age mythology of a specific bunch of nice chaps in the Middle East.

Or, at least, so says this particular story in the Daily Star, the veracity of which is in no way undermined by the dual facts that people reportedly believed Jesus wore sunglasses on the cross (which is absolutely definitely not a joke response from anyone involved in the survey), and that this survey was placed into the news via Bad PR regulars One Poll, on behalf of a TV series about the Bible:

The survey, to mark the release of epic series The Bible on DVD and Blu-Ray, also showed many Brits had no idea who Adam and Eve were, or who built the Ark.

It’s hard to know which source has the least chance of accurately reflecting reality: the Bible, or One Poll. In that respect, at least, this story makes perfect sense.

“Other search engines are available!” says forgotten search engine

How adventurous would you say you were? Not very, according to the media:

REVEALED: The things we attempt once – then give up

TRIPE, Little Chef, golf and whiskey have topped a poll of things Brits said they had tried once … but never wanted to again.

The survey revealed that two-thirds of us identified the chewy lining of a cow’s stomach as our most hated one-off food.

Yeast spread Marmite came second in the list of food horrors after being chosen by a quarter of people followed by whisky, liver, gin and cigarettes.

Source: Daily Star, 1st October 2013

Tripe or Marmite? I’ll never try them again! Foods top list of items we vow never to eat again after having them once

What have whisky, golf and Blackpool got in common? Or Marmite, roller skating and holiday camps?

They are all things Britons have tried once, did not like and have vowed never tried again.

The list ranges from food and drink that left a bad taste in the mouth to a bad experience trying a new activity to somewhere they visited, but hated.

Nearly three in ten adults admitted they have tried tripe once but the taste was so awful they vowed never to do so again, a new study has found.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st October 2013

It appears the majority of us try something once, and never try it again. Who commissioned the ‘research’?

The poll, by search engine Ask Jeeves, also saw one in 10 Brits name Little Chef as the place they had visited before saying: “Once was enough.”

That would be Ask Jeeves – the search engine we’ve all used once, and never again…