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“Fast food can be expensive!” says voucher site with fast food offer

Busy Britons spend over £100 a month on fast food

BRITONS spend £109 a month each on takeaways and ready meals, research has revealed.

Fast food and eating out now account for a third of our annual food budget. We tuck into 12 convenience meals a month on average. Chinese is most popular, being the favourite of 26 per cent of those polled.

Source: Daily Express, 26 March 2014

Takeaway UK: Average Brit is now spending £1,320 a year on fastfood buying 12 meals every month

It was once just a treat for the weekend, but a new survey has found that the average Brit now forks out £110 per month on takeaway meals every month.

The study found that an average of 12 takeaways is purchased per person per month- a staggering £1,320.

Men have the biggest taste for fast food as they get through an extraordinary 151 takeaways a year, while the figure for women is 126.

Source: Daily Mail, 4 April 2014

Fast food, despite its convenience, is no friend to our wallets – if this data is to be believed. Although that’s quite a big ‘if’, relying on the average person buying a £10 takeaway every three days.

Could there be an ulterior motive behind this pair of stories making it to the press?

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of vouchercodes.co.uk, said: ‘Takeaways are now a part of everyday life for busy consumers.

‘Britain has always been a nation of food lovers and especially as we have nearly every type of cuisine available on the go throughout Britain.

‘But, eating on the move no longer needs to be an unhealthy or expensive option.’

Indeed, if the contents of this PR story for a discount voucher website were true, it really would be an expensive option… unless there was a voucher website on hand to help bring down those costs somewhat, of course.

“People would love/fear/fuck a robot!” says TV show about robots

Did you see the story about mankind’s fear of the impending rise of the robots? Chances are you did, with widespread coverage of the story including appearances in the GuardianTimesDaily Mail and Daily Star:

Humans hope robots of the future will make love not war

A fifth of Britons have said they would have sex with an android but considerably more fear the rise of the machines will threaten mankind.

One in three, perhaps influenced by the likes of the Terminator franchise, believe that robots will spell the end of the human race.

Perhaps more pressing however is that almost as many are concerned they could lose their job to intelligent machines.

Source: The Times, 6 May 2014

Would YOU have sex with a robot? Prostitutes, police and cleaners revealed to be just some the jobs that droids could take over by 2025

In 10 years our streets could be governed by RoboCop-style police, our taxis may drive themselves and prostitutes might be replaced by so-called ‘sexbots.’

That’s according to a survey that looked at how robots will rise over the next decade.

It found that more than a third of people fear robots will take their jobs, while the same number fear androids will threaten the human race’s existence.

Source: Daily Mail, 6 April 2014

The Times and the Daily Mail, amply illustrating their differing priorities, there. However, whether we’re fighting or fucking our new robot brethren, the source of the story remains the same:

The survey was completed by 2,000 British people to mark the launch of new sci-fi TV police drama, Almost Human, which features an android cop.

Curiously, the list of jobs which could be taken over by robots didn’t include ‘journalist’ – when given the number of outlets who ran this simple copy/paste of a One Poll survey press release, it seems an industry ripe for automation.

“Your neighbours won’t look out for you!” says home insurance company

How well do you know your neighbours? Would they have your back?

Everybody needs good neighbours… or do they? A third can’t identify them in a line-up

MORE than a third of people admit they would not be able to pick their neighbours out of a line-up, a shocking poll suggests.

Thirty-six per cent of people claim they would not recognise their neighbours in person.

More than half do not know the first name of their neighbour despite often living just metres away.

Source: Daily Star, 14th October 2013

A third of us cannot recognise our neighbours: Poll finds we wouldn’t be able to pick them out in a line-up

More than a third of us cannot recognise our next-door neighbours, according to a new poll. 

It reveals 36 per cent of residents would not be able to pick them out in a line-up or if they met them in the street, despite living just feet away.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th October 2013

People today just don’t care about their neighbours as much as they used to, and just don’t have that community spirit… says, which home insurer?

Despite often living just a few metres away, 51 per cent of people cannot recall the first name of their neighbour and seven in 10 are unaware of their full names, according to the Churchill home insurance survey.

The angle here, if it weren’t clear already, is made more than apparent by company head Martin Scott:

Martin Scott, head of Churchill home insurance, which conducted the survey, said: ‘Relationships have changed because the way we live, work and socialise has evolved.

‘We move homes more frequently, spend a lot less time communicating face-to-face and are more cautious about who we welcome into our homes. 

‘As a result, we know very little about our neighbours as we all get on with our own busy lives.

‘The lack of trust and familiarity does have implications. People may be less willing and less able to watch out for each other.

‘Realising there is a stranger on a neighbour’s property is very difficult if we cannot recognise the person who lives there.’

So, because your neighbours don’t care about your home, buying home insurance is more important than ever.