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“Spending time in the bathroom together could save your marriage!” says bathroom retailer

Is bathroom bonding the key to a healthy relationship? Couples spend more time in the washroom together than they do at the dinner table

Bathroom bonding is the key to avoiding ‘conscious uncoupling’, as dinner table discussions lose importance for UK couples, according to a survey.

Catching up on the day’s events over an evening meal is no longer key to a successful relationship, with Britons now spending more of their time in the bathroom together for a night-time natter, than around the dinner table.

New research found almost half of couples (45 per cent) now share their night-time routine with their other half in the evening, whereas just 29 per cent eat dinner together.

Source: Daily Mail, 30th June 2014


Who knew the British bathroom was such a saviour of relationships? Well, one firm in particular knew this, because they paid a PR company to come up with this specific and spurious finding:

Specialist for Ideal Standard’s Bathroom Behaviours, which conducted the survey, Jenny Smith, said: ‘For many couples, the bathroom is much more than just a place to have a quick shower and clean your teeth and is the key to a successful relationship because it is a place to relax, refresh, and have a good natter.

‘We’ve found that increasing numbers of people are looking at how to make their bathrooms even more couple-friendly and “his and hers” dual basin, baths big enough for two and dual showers are becoming increasingly popular, as couples consciously adapt their bathroom to boost the staying power of their relationship.’