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“Office work will make you too fat for your clothes!” says large-size clothing retailer

July 16th, 2012

A somewhat straightforward one, once we get there, from the Daily Mail on July 2nd, 2012:

How a desk job can make you fat: Bored office workers gain a stone a year by gorging on unhealthy snacks

Being desk-bound and bored at work is fuelling Britain’s obesity epidemic as employees are reaching for unhealthy snacks to pass the day.

Competition to bring the best cakes into the office on special occasions like birthdays is also contributing to bulging waistlines, according to a recent survey. 

Researchers found 42 per cent of office workers have gained up to a stone in a year as they graze on snacks such as cake and biscuits during their working hours.

Who may these obesity researchers have been researching on behalf of?

However, despite having greater willpower, the survey by men’s fashion retailer High and Mighty found more of the women polled put on weight over the course of a year.

That would be the oversize-clothing-retailer High and Mighty. And, in case even that implication was too subtle, spokesperson Gill Politis spells it out for us:

You’re going to lose and gain weight throughout your life, it’s unavoidable. But our research seems to show that you’re more likely to gain weight during your office life.’

‘The worst thing you can do if you put on or lose a couple of pounds is to stick to the same clothes. They’re unflattering and will exaggerate your size,’ she said.

There we have it – essentially you are all going to get fat because of the office, and when you do, you know where to buy some new trousers.