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“Women love TV more than sex!” says TV service

“Women love TV more than sex!” says TV service

Playing neatly into a stereotype, we have the finding in the Daily Mail that television shows and soaps matter more to women than sex.

Rather than go into detail on why this is utterly ridiculous and genderist nonsense (for example, there’s nothing to stop someone having sex after seeing Coronation Street, not since the Les Battersby left the show), it’s worth instead simply highlighting who this is an advert for:

Gidon Katz, director of NOW TV who commissioned the survey, said: ‘As winter approaches it’s not surprising that a night in is more appealing, and it seems the lure of a new series or the chance to catch up on a show that everyone’s talking about beats going out in the cold.’

If anybody is going to know the importance of television, it’s the director of NOW TV, obviously.