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“Men should seek suggestions when buying presents!” says present suggestions website

Christmas is just around the corner, but no amount of festive cheer will bring a smile to the faces of the nation’s ladies – not while their men are all so utterly and verifiably useless!

“What are men useless at this time?” I hear you ask, in that exasperated tone you use when you’re buying into yet another lazy-stereotype-laden article produced by a cheap PR company looking to grab a few headlines. Well, this time around it’s the act of buying a gift that those useless men and their silly brains are just unable to grasp – we know this is true, because the survey says so:

And a further 40 per cent admit they buy their other half their gift while they’re out shopping together, according to research from buyagift.com, who polled 2000 adults on their Christmas shopping habits.

After all, if anyone ought to be experts in buying a gift, it has to be those reliable and trustworthy people at buyagift.com – though they may be happy to propogate irritating genderist stereotypes, they’re real experts when it comes to purchasing a thing. Even their ludicrously-named CEO says so:

Dan Mountain, CEO of buyagift.com, said: ‘There is a lot to organise at Christmas and it can be a busy and stressful time of year, but that’s no excuse to be a scrooge this December.

‘Though it looks like the nation’s men are letting the side down, many of us have no faith in our other half’s gifting abilities.

So, thank you, buyagift! Next time I’m I need someone to belittle and patronise my gender while offering gift suggestions, you’ll be the first place I call!

“Men are useless at arranging events!” says voucher website

“Men are useless at arranging events!” says voucher website

That’s right, sort your lives out men! Because, as we know, you’re all a bunch of overgrown children unable to look after yourselves without your female partner sorting everything out for you, right? It’s a wonder you even got dressed this morning!

Needless to say, whenever there’s this level of gender stereotyping in the media, there’s always a company behind it looking to profit… in this case a well-known voucher website:

Roy Blanga, managing director at Groupon UK who conducted the study, said: ‘It can be difficult to get events booked in when you’re dealing with friends and family.

‘But there are so many easy-to-use mobile apps and websites out there to help us find inspiration, there’s no reason not to the rescue the situation and organise a get-together in the spur of the moment.

‘We can quickly search online for deals on theatre trips, comedy gigs, or even holidays – all the information is available at our fingertips.’

We know you’re useless, men, but the least you could do is make an effort to arrange events – starting with the events listed on Groupon, for one.