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“Good-looking men style their hair!” says hair-styling product manufacturer

Did you know, celebrity men who are considered to be good-looking are sometimes emulated by other men who’d like to be considered good-looking too? Of course you did, you’re not an idiot. Still, it’s a startling and interesting enough revelation to make both the Daily Express and the Daily Mail:


HE seems to change his hairstyle almost as often as wife Victoria changes her dresses.

And whenever David Beckham adopts a new look, thousands of men race to follow suit, according to a new survey.

Source: Daily Express, 9 January 2013


Beckham is top of the crops! David’s is the hair most UK men envy (while Gary Barlow beats Robert Pattinson into second place)
– Beckham’s ever-changing style won him most fans
– Average British man changes hairstyle only four times during his life…
– ….but spends 24 minutes grooming locks before a night out
– Essex men most likely to check hair EVERY time they see a mirror

He’s had more hair styles than Imelda Marcos has shoes.

And the men of Britain, it seems, have loved them all.

Football star David Beckham has the hairstyle that most men are dying to emulate, a new study has revealed.

Source: Daily Mail, 9 January 2013


Besides the chance to put a nice big photo of David Beckham into the press – something any tabloid will reliably jump at, even Nathan Rao of the Express (who I imagine contributed barely a word to this story) – what do we have here? We’ve learnt that although David changes his hairstyle often, most British men rarely change it throughout their lives… which means they should really focus on getting it right, I imagine, even if that includes, say, spending money on expensive haircare products:

The father-of-four, 37, beat Take That frontman Gary Barlow – who came second – and Twilight star Robert Pattinson – who nabbed third place – to the top spot of a survey carried out by hair brand Fudge.

What’s more, buying Fudge products can do more for we men than simply bettering our barnets – there are a whole range of important, tangible and entirely-unbiased benefits to buying these products to emulate our heroes, as their spokesman explains:

John Vial, Creative Director for Fudge, said: ‘From Kevin Keegan’s perm to George Best’s sideburns, footballers have always been powerful when it comes to influencing the hair styles of the nation’s men.

‘It’s no surprise that David Beckham is the modern man’s hairstyle icon, his versatile styles are ultimately achievable by the man on the street.

‘The man of the moment’s influence on the hair of the nation confirms that when a sportsman endorses something, it automatically makes it more masculine and ultimately, desirable.’
So, it’s settled: in order to feel more masculine and desirable, we simply have to spend more time – and money – on our hair. Thank you, Fudge!