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“We waste too much time counting calories!” says low-calorie soft drink company

There was bad news last week for anyone out there counting the calories, with the shock revelation that people spend a lot of time concerned about their weight:

Women spend YEAR of lives worrying about what they eat

A study has found the average female thinks about or talks about dieting for around 21 minutes each day.

That means they fret about their weight for 127 hours a year, which over 67 years of an adult lifetime equates to 355 days.

But surprisingly, British men are not that far behind in obsessing over their diet.

Source: Mirror, 27 June 2013

Time spent worrying about what we’re eating seriously adds up, then – almost a full year over the course of our lifetime! Of course, exactly what constitutes a thought about food, or how long such a thought can be said to have lasted, is a remarkably tricky thing to pin down… unless you don’t bother trying to pin it down, that is.

If, instead, you simply ask people to guess how much time each day is spent ‘worrying about food’, without clarifying what’s meant by the term, you can tot it all up into a neat lifetime figure to slap into the middle of your press release and publish into the Mirror and the Daily MailWhich is almost certainly what happened in this case:

Fiona Hope, of soft drinks specialists SodaStream which commissioned the study, said “Counting calories is a part of modern day life.

“Research shows Brits are obsessed with watching their weight.”

Sodastream know all about how obsessed people are with watching their weight, given that they market themselves as a low-calorie alternative to mainstream soft drinks:

If you’re counting carbs or calories, Sodastream® is the clear winner when compared to many national, store-bought brands.

So, don’t waste your life counting calories – buy a Sodastream instead!

Still, I do have to wonder how many years of my life I’ll have spent tracking and exposing PR puff pieces…