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“Getting a good night’s sleep is very important!” says bed manufacturer

Your sleeping habits were recently of great interest to the Daily Express and Daily Mail:

Snoring is OUT, threesomes are IN (that’s you, him and your teddy bear): Britain’s sleeping habits revealed

It might not seem a lot to ask from a loved one. But a good night’s sleep, it appears, is one of the things we find most difficult to offer each other.

Millions of Britons are losing vital hours of shut-eye because of a partner’s disturbances.

Not surprisingly, the number one complaint is snoring.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd October 2013


The naked truth about our bad bedtime habits

YOU know the honeymoon is well and truly over when your partner complains because you’re not wearing pyjamas in bed.

Sleeping naked is just one of the more unusual gripes that came up in a survey designed to reveal our most annoying bedtime habits.

Snoring is the thing most people find irritating, though 44 per cent of people admit they do it themselves.

Source: Daily Express, 4th October 2013


Real research? Possibly not, given that both articles (including the one by Nathan Rao of the Express, who likely contributed barely a word to it) are corporate PR for bed manufacturers ‘Dreams’ – as their PR company Fever PR confirm:

This week, Fever has been busy working on a news generation campaign from bed expert Dreams. A survey was commissioned into the nation’s bad habits in bed and revealed that snoring topped the list of infuriating habits and that threesomes are in (you, your partner and your teddy bear!). Coverage hit across the nationals including print (and online) in Daily Express, The Times, Daily Mail, Daybreak as well as regional print and radio.

Our Dreams spokesperson, Chris Daniel and psychologist Emma Kenny are hosting a morning of radio interviews with stations such as Sunrise, BBC Hereford and Worcester. And we’re looking forward to following up these news hits with features leveraging our case study couple, Helen and Matt!

Source: Fever PR, 4th October 2013