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“Flannel bed linen is all the rage!” says department store selling flannel bed linen

Do you ever find it hard to keep on top of the latest trends and fads in the fast-moving word of, erm, bed linen? No, I don’t suppose you do – nobody does. That said, just in case, the Daily Mail is on hand to help you through your duvet dilemmas:

Flannel sheets back in demand after more than half a century as families struggle with soaring heating bills

Traditional flannel bed sheets which kept millions of people on the home front warm during the Second World War are back in fashion as heating bills soar. 

Demand for bed linen made from the cosy, naturally warm fabric is rising rapidly because gas and electricity bills are now so expensive.

Sales figures show flannel sheets are now out-selling many silk varieties, according to department store Debenhams.

Source: Daily Mail, 17 January 2013


PR connaisseurs  will note the mention of Debenhams there, classically in the fourth paragraph, as we’d come to expect. This is, then, merely a press release from Debenhams, designed to encourage people to buy said flannel sheets. In fact, here’s the press release it was based on:


In fact, Daily Mail Reporter of the Daily Mail took 78% of the story verbatim from this press release, adding only stylistic tweaks and edits:


All in all, pretty shoddy journalism – perhaps the reporter has had one too many lie-ins in his cosy new flannel sheets.

*Note: Updated 30 July, 2013