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“Shopping on the high street is stressful!” says online marketplace

Christmas shopping can be as stressful as running a MARATHON: Hitting the high street may increase your heart rate by 33%

With less than six weeks to go until Christmas, high streets around the world are packed full of busy shoppers stocking up on their presents.

But a new study suggests that Christmas shopping may be more stressful than realised.

The research showed that heart rates tend to increase by 33 per cent while Christmas shopping – which is on par with the increase while running a marathon.

Source: Daily Mail, 17th November 2016


Shopping on the high street over Christmas is so stressful it affects your heartrate in much the same way as running a marathon, according to this latest research. If you’re thinking “surely that can’t be true”, you’re almost certainly right, and you’re almost certainly missing the point – this is a press release put out by a company with an axe to grind. In this case, eBay:

The study was run by eBay, who investigated the physiological responses of shoppers, during a 60-minute shopping experience.

It isn’t hard to imagine why eBay, an online marketplace, might want to tell people that being out on the high street and buying presents in person is awfully stressful and just not worth it. After all, most of that shopping can be done from the comfort of your laptop, and a certain shopping website, right?

“We are obsessed with tablets and smartphones!” says online retailer, ahead of Christmas

“We are obsessed with tablets and smartphones!” says online retailer, ahead of Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the chance to relax in front of some festive classics on the telly, and enjoy a little traditional TV. However, while the programs may be classics, the way we’re viewing them is ultra-modern – what with our inability to put away the smartphones and tablets for even a moment.

Don’t just take the word of the Mirror journalist who says this is the case – the story has even been backed up by facts! That Danny Walker of the Mirror believes it rare and impressive that a story is supported by facts presumably speaks volumes about the veracity of the average output of the publication once owned by Robert Maxwell.

Still, this story does have facts – facts provided by the company behind the story: eBay.

eBay spokesman, Steven Heywood, says; “Smartphones and tablets have shaped the way we shop and the rise of ‘dual-screening’ has created a direct correlation between what we are watching on TV and the purchases we are making.

“The phenomenon means these shows are not only dominating our TV screens but also our shopping baskets”

So, just because you’re watching Eric and Ernie skip away from the camera for the umpteenth time, there’s no excuse not to be following those last minute auctions just as closely, according to eBay.