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“Men don’t wash their faces often enough!” says men’s skincare product manufacturer

Are you a man? Or do you know any men? If so, beware – there’s a good chance they’re a seething mass of dirt, grime and filth, according to the Daily Mail:

Grubby guys! Men only wash their faces SIX times a week, study reveals
Men spend just 5 minutes and £2.44 a week on their face care
Men worry more about being over weight (42%) than about their face (32%)
– Women however say a mans face is what most attracts them

Britain may be billed as the home of James Bond, well mannered gentlemen and old fashioned elegance, but it seems our men are hiding a (rather grubby) secret.

Far from embracing the ‘metrosexual’ trend of male grooming, the average British man washes his face just six times a week, a new study reveals.

Facial maintenance is clearly not high on their list of priorities with one in five (18 per cent) allocating less than five minutes each week to take care of their faces.

Source: Daily Mail, 15 January 2013

The media seem to oscillate consistently between the notions that men are dirty and that men are secretly make-up-wearing metrosexuals, with a regularity that suggests a) the data is nonsense and b) they don’t really believe it.

Still, you work with what you have, and this time we’re facing the notion that the average British male washes his face less often than once a day, which is a finding we’re offered no context on – we aren’t even informed what kind of average we’re dealing with. Does the mean male wash his face only six times a week? If so, we need an awful lot of men barely ever washing, to balance out those who do wash regularly. 

Or perhaps we’re looking at the modal male? Even if that were the case, we’ve still the issue that more than half of men don’t wash their faces at all at least one day in the week. 

Or perhaps this is a nonsense survey aimed simply at getting a company name into the press? Well… 

The research, carried out by Dove Men, also highlighted how men get agitated by skin troubles…

…A spokesman for Dove Men+Care, said: ‘Men clearly value the importance of looking good, but seem to neglect the area they show off most and which women find most appealing.

‘We want to encourage men to take better care of their faces, boost their confidence and help them relieve discomforts.’

This is, yet again, a piece based on the implausible, unproven and unavailable results from an online survey carried out by a company with a vested interest in selling an angle – in this case, a skincare product manufacturer, who astoundingly believe men need to wash their face more often and take better care of their skin.