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“Women, here’s a new thing to feel paranoid about – your skin!” says skincare company

Do YOU have ‘porexia’? How almost HALF of women are fixated by the size of their pores – and a third hate them more than wrinkles

Nearly half of all U.S. women feel that their pores are too large and would make big sacrifices to have smaller ones, a new study claims.

Twenty-three per cent would give up alcohol for a year, 17 per cent would give up social media and 11 per cent would give up shaving their legs, according to new research conducted among over 2,000 adults by Harris Poll on behalf of L’Oreal Paris.

Almost one in three women (28 per cent) are more concerned about their pore size than wrinkles.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th June 2014


Never one to shy away from giving women things to beat themselves up about, the media have found a new paranoia for women – the size of their pores.

Given that even the photograph accompanying the photo requires a magnifying glass and a heavily made-up (or photoshopped) model to illustrate pore size, it’d be easy to dismiss this as a fear manufactured entirely for corporate gain.

Which would be an entirely accurate reason to dismiss it, what with the story being placed by skincare company L’Oreal Paris.