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“Giving stuff up for Lent leads to lots of savings!” says vouchers website

Catholic abstinence news now, with the Daily Mail reporting on the things we should have given up over Lent:

How to save £1,000 this Lent: Experts reveal how quitting coffee, cigarettes and CHOCOLATE could help you put aside enough to buy a designer handbag

It’s traditionally a time for abstinence and experts say Lent will not only give your willpower a boost but your wallet too.

Money-saving specialists claim you can save hundreds of pounds this Lent by ditching your vices including coffee, chocolate and ice cream.

In fact quitting so-called ‘addictive’ products such as sweets, pizza and even smartphone purchases could help you make a total saving of almost £1,000 – enough to buy a coveted Mulberry Bayswater tote.

Source: Daily Mail, 23rd February 2017

I’m positive Catholics across the nation are delighted to learn that the Daily Mail is in their corner, especially at a time of moderate sacrifice. Although it’s fair to say the Mail has motives beyond assuaging Catholic guilt – like filling their pages with readily-available, search-engine-optimised PR copy:

That’s according to the money saving team at PromotionalCodes.org.uk who have calculated how much money we could save we they successfully ditch our cravings for 40 days and 40 nights.

Where in the Bible does it say that when you’re giving things up for Lent you can’t also make a buck or two? Well, nowhere really, mainly because there’s nothing about Lental sacrifice in the Bible, but that’s neither here nor there, as the PR spokesperson can attest:

Darren Williams from Promotionalcodes.org.uk said: ‘Usually Lent is about sacrificing something that you love, and often people tend to give up products that are unhealthy for them.

‘However, there could also be serious benefits to your wallet as well as your health when it comes to cutting out your cravings for Lent.

‘Britain has a major binge culture, and if people are able to cut out just one of the products that they love to indulge in the savings could be enormous.

Forget demonstrating your fealty to Jesus Christ, with these voucher-led savings who can afford not to Lent? Right, Promotionalcodes?