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“People love beer!” says beer campaigners

Small beer: why micropubs are the toast of Britain’s real ale revival

Good Beer Guide salutes the no-frills boozers squeezing into unlikely spaces that are growing in number and offering greater choice for drinkers

They have popped up in former butchers’ shops, pet grooming parlours and even undertakers – and the growth in tiny no-frills boozers across the UK, tipped to number 200 this year, is being hailed as spearheading a revival in the enjoyment of real ale.

Source: Guardian, 10th September 2015


We’re all mad for microbeer: 200 new breweries opened last year

BEER-lovers have launched 200 new breweries in the last year to cope with demand.

The UK total now stands at more than 1,400, the highest number since the 1930s, offering a choice of 11,000 different ales.

Source: Daily Star, 10th September 2015


Britain is going potty for real ales, it seems. Which is great news for CAMRA, the body behind this story:

The burgeoning micropub scene is helping to bring real ale to spaces where a traditional pub would not be appropriate, filling gaps on high streets and improving choice for drinkers, according to the Campaign for Real Ale’s (Camra) 2016 Good Beer Guide, published on Thursday, which also reports a 10% rise in the number of UK breweries for the third consecutive year.


“Everybody is finding better lives abroad!” says ex-pat support company

More Brits are moving away from the UK for good – because of the terrible weather

RAIN, rain and more rain – it’s the wet stuff that’s making many of us move from the UK for good.

Rainy summers and depressing winters are proving too much for some Brits, who emigrate to sun-kissed climates to get away from it all.

But as we’re emigrating in our droves, record numbers of migrants are moving to the British Isles to start a new life.

Source: Daily Star, 28th August 2015


It seems that as the migrant refugee crisis continues at Calais, the supposed flow of traffic between the UK and the continent isn’t all one way, as droves of Brits flee these shores for less rainy climes. Reports of the idyllic lifestyle to be found abroad as an ex-pat deserve no additional pinches of salt, not even when the source of this particular piece of PR has so clear an agenda:

The UK is a friendly nation as it ranks ahead of countries like Germany and Switzerland in its openness to migrants, according to InterNations.

I hadn’t heard of InterNations either, so I decided to look them up – according to their website, “InterNations helps expats to feel at home abroad, meet people and find information about their new environment.”


It’s not hard to see why InterNations might want to persuade us that all the cool kids are becoming migrants and ex-pats, and that all the coolest ex-pats are part of the InterNations community. In fact, here’s the head of InterNations to persuade us further:

Malte Zeeck, chief executive of InterNations, told Daily Star Online the UK is becoming a far more expensive proposition for people to live in.

He said: “InterNations is a social network for ex-pats worldwide. We have 1.8million members and we thought it would be a good idea to ask members about the different aspects of life abroad.

Way to get your whole sales pitch into the first sentence of your response, Malte.

“In the UK, the weather played a big role and the top reasons for moving was the climate, the cost of living, and personal safety and crime. For cost of living it ranks 51st out of 64 countries when it comes to housing. It’s really costly.

“While I think that Britain is popular among ex-pats for job security, there is always the challenge of the question ‘can I really afford this life style?’. That’s definitely something a lot of people are considering. The positive factors are outweighing the negative factors for the hope of a better life in the UK but in the long run it’s quite negative.”

There we have it – in the long run, living in the UK is a negative experience, and we should all up sticks and leave the country immediately to find a better life in more a less hostile country. It’s nice to see the tabloid newspapers so supportive of that idea for a change.

“People steal office consumables!” says office consumables retailer

Are you one of the many people who steal from work?

Brit workers admit stealing toilet rolls, light bulbs and tea bags from the office

CHEEKY Brits have admitted they love to pinch a ‘freebie’ from the office.

More than 60 per cent say they have lifted items from work with pens the favourite loot.

Post-it notes, notepads and highlighters were other favourites.

According to a new poll, one in ten admitted to stealing toilet rolls from the office toilets to take home.

Source: Daily Star, 25th August 2015


Are we really a nation of thieves? Or is this a slice of opportunistic PR?

Staff also confessed to unscrewing light bulbs (three per cent) and taking tea bags home (six per cent), according to the survey of more than 2,000 office workers by the online cartridge retailer, CartridgePeople.com.

Andrew Davies, a spokesperson for CartridgePeople.com, said: “If you’ve ever wondered why there are never any pens in the office or no toilet roll in the toilets, you now have an explanation!

“Most office workers may feel that taking something from their office isn’t real theft and instead consider it a perk of the job, but the costs can add up for businesses.”

The costs can really add up for businesses? I suppose Andrew has a few ideas about how businesses can keep their consumables costs down, in that case.

“Sport is better than sex!” says sport betting company

Nearly 1/4 of Premier League fans skip sex sessions with partners to watch the footy

PREMIER League footy fans would rather watch a match than score with their partners in bed, a survey has revealed.

A total of 23% of Premier League fans in a committed relationship would pass up sex to watch the likes of Rooney, Costa and Sterling do the biz on the pitch.

Source: Daily Star, 12th August 2015

Cometh the return of the football season, cometh the trotting out of the age-old stereotypes around men putting their team before their partner. If we were in any doubt that the story is nothing more than an advert for a sports betting company, we have a helpful spokesperson to clarify things for us:

A spokesman for sportsBettingOnline.net, which commissioned the survey, said: “When Match of the Day comes on the telly on a Saturday night it’s a real battleground in the households of football supporters across the UK.

“Often one partner wants to end their Saturday by getting close to their other half while for many it’s a time to get close to Gary Lineker and catch up on the latest from the Premier League.

“It must be hard when you love one woman but adore 11 men.”

The Daily Star weren’t the only paper to pick up on the story, with The Sun and the Southern Daily Echo running it too. Indeed, a moment on Google turns up the original press release, which includes text of all three articles, practically verbatim.

Fortunately, things aren’t as bad as they once were for the women of the UK – merely a year ago, coincidentally around the start of the new football season, The Metro reported the number of men turning down sex ‘sessions’ for the ‘footy’ was catastrophically higher:

Finally there’s some proof that men would rather watch football than have sex

For every woman that has tried to unbutton her boyfriend’s jeans while whispering dirty thoughts in his ear only to be ignored while he fixates on the football – you are not alone.

A new survey has revealed that 40 per cent of men would rather get stuck into watching a Saturday afternoon match on the screen rather than have sex.

It’s a sad time for civilisation isn’t it?

Source: The Metro, 14th August 2014

So the news is good – in just under a year, men are turning their back on football in their droves, in order to focus on their partners! Rejoice!

Or, both of these polls are unreliable, being as they are simple opportunistic adverts for a sports betting company (2015) and a sex toy company (2014). I can’t wait to see who will be hiring OnePoll to help patronise football fans this time next year!

“People should take advantage of cashback offers!” says cashback website

Brits say NO to free cash, shock report finds

MORE than half of Brits will turn down free money, a survey has found.

And Londoners are the quickest to pass up the opportunity of taking easy cash.

According to new research carried out in London, Brighton and Manchester, women were more likely to pocket the notes than men and older Brits.

Source: Daily Star, 21st August 2015

Even in an age of austerity, people are turning down free money? Truly an astonishing finding, if true, and worthy of the coverage it received in The Daily Star, The Evening Standard and Mancunian Matters. In fact, the Evening Standard picked up on the local angle, highlighting that Londoners in particular are most likely to turn down free cash:

London may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but many workers in the capital have been quick to turn down free money offered to them by a stranger.

As part of a social experiment, Londoners were offered up to £50 with no strings attached by a person in the street.

But despite the high costs of living in the capital, only three out of ten people approached took up the generous offer.

So who can we thank for this vital ‘social experiment’ and this important piece of sociological research?

The experiment was conducted by TopCashback to highlight that some things, such as free money, are not too good to be true.

That would be TopCashback, the cashback website. In case their particular angle on this piece of PR weren’t abundantly clear, their spokesperson ties up the edges neatly for us:

Natasha Rachel Smith, global head of communications at TopCashback.co.uk, said: “Unsurprisingly, the majority of the public were sceptical of the offer but those whom didn’t turn their back walked away with some extra money in their pocket with no strings attached – much like the gains you make when using TopCashback.co.uk.”

Perhaps the public’s skepticism is well-placed, when cheap advertising is passed off as sociological research.

“Drown your World Cup blues with a holiday!” says holiday company

Holiday companies expect huge boost as depressed football fans flee England

FED-UP football fans are fleeing Britain in a bid to cheer themselves up from the disastrous World Cup knock-out.

After England’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay travel agents are expecting a 50 per cent rise in online searches for stress-busting getaways.

Holiday companies had already discounted prices following a fall in sales in June, as sports fans delayed decision making in case Roy Hodgson’s side made it past the group stages.

With the World Cup dream in tatters for another four years, football fans are now hoping to score by snapping up the last of the deals before prices return to normal.

Source: Daily Star, 21st June 2014


I’m an England fan… get me out of here! Holiday bookings expected to surge by 50% following World Cup disappointment

Following England’s 2-1 defeat to Uruguay last night, there is expected to be a 50 per cent surge in site searches over this weekend, as devastated fans look to alleviate their disappointment by booking a holiday.

With progression to the next round almost out of England’s reach and holiday prices discounted as the World Cup led to limited demand, England supporters are expected to cut their losses and rush to book the remaining deals before prices return to their normal value.

The World Cup has had an impact on the UK travel industry this year as patriotic holidaymakers chose to put-off their holiday plans in fear they’d miss out on the celebrations if England were to progress to the later stages of the tournament.

Source: Daily Mail, 20th June 2014


England’s diastrous World Cup campaign isn’t all bad news – it could mean a boost to business, if you’re a travel agent, as everybody looks to scarper these sceptered isles to drown their sorrows in warmer climes. And if you’re not planning to go on holiday, there are handy stories in the press such as this one, designed to try to change your mind:

TravelSupermarket found 13.6 per cent of customers were influenced by the Word Cup, while six per cent said they are now planning a trip to Brazil.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket comments: “When England has a vested interest in something like the World Cup, it’s natural for holidays to take a back seat.

“England fans deserve to be cheered up this summer, that’s why we’re encouraging them to seize the opportunity and book their getaway while there are still deals to be had.”

There we have it then – you deserve to go on holiday… says a holiday company.

“Children don’t like their fathers!” says greeting card company ahead of Father’s Day

Teens won’t be seen within 22ft of dads

TEENAGERS will not go within 22ft of their fathers when they are out in public.

Researchers found British teens like to keep an “exclusion zone” around their dads, fearing they will be seen by friends.

Source: Daily Star, 5th June 2014 


Daaadddd! British teenagers stay an average of 6.7 metres away from their ’embarrassing’ fathers in public

The tradition of embarrassing fathers is alive and kicking in Britain today a survey has revealed.

In fact British teenagers find their fathers so embarrassing that they stay an average of 6.7 metres away from them if they are out together in public, for fear of being seen by friends.

But maybe the kids should be more grateful as it transpires that the average father also does 627 ‘dad miles’ every year on weekends, ferrying teens to and from parties and other social gatherings, often very late into the evening.

Source: Daily Mail, 5th June 2014


It seems that no matter what fathers do, their children are embarrassed by them, and wouldn’t be seen dead in their presence. Those poor fathers! If only there was an opportunity to tell your dad just how great he is…

The research ahead of Fathers’ Day on June 15 also found that dads fall well behind mums in the “thank-you” stakes.

Figures from the UK Greeting Card Association show 22million Father’s Day cards were sent in 2013, less than half of those sent to mums on Mothers’ Day.

Clintons bosses want stroppy teens – like 53-year-old Harry Enfield’s TV dope Kevin – to redress the balance this year and thank their dads for the contributions they make to life.

Hardly surprising that the bosses of Clintons would be so keen on teenagers giving their father a card on Father’s Day… given that Clintons are the biggest greeting card retailer in the country.


“Brits need to lose weight!” says weight-loss website

Piling on the pounds! Brits are a whole lot heavier than they were last year.

BRITS are a whole 5lbs heavier than they were this time last year, a new study has shown.

Due to stressful schedules and new relationships, the nation is piling on the pounds like never before.

The figures show that if we Brits continue to gain weight at the current rate it will mean putting on 2st over the next five years!

Source: Daily Star, 17 April 2014

Who can we thank for the spurious finding that we, as a nation, are each half a stone heavier than the same time in 2013?

The survey was conducted online by www.UKMedix.com, as part of the company’s wider research into annual weight change and management, after the team noticed a substantial increase in searches for weight loss supplements year on year.

UKMedix being a website which sells dubious weightloss products, naturally.

Sarah Bailey, from UKMedix.com, said: “Unfortunately, we have already been warned that we are getting heavier year on year, so the fact that we are gaining weight is no surprise.

“Whilst stressful schedules and having babies are understandable reasons for weight gain, it’s important to keep things under control and get back on track before a gain gets out of hand,” added Ms Bailey.

“Not only is it critical to self-confidence and health, it’s also important to set a good example for family and friends.”

Unbiased advice there, from a dietary supplement pusher who thinks you’re piling on the pounds.

“Why don’t you watch your partner pee?” asks creepy bathroom retailer

Flushed! Couples LOO embarrassed to visit toilet in front of each other

NEARLY half of all couples in a long-term relationship refuse to use the toilet in front of their partner.

Participants in a recent survey blamed simple embarrassment on their unwillingness to answer the call of nature in front of their loved one.

Women were revealed as more coy than their fellas with 67 per cent of men not being fussed about going to the loo with their lady in the room.

Over half of the 1,881 UK people surveyed said they waited between six months to a year before unveiling their toilet habits but a plucky 17 per cent said they did so “practically straight away”.

Source: Daily Star, 30 April 2014

In case you’re wondering why the peeing and voyeuring habits of yourself and your partner are being questioned in a national newspaper, here’s a spokseman from the company who thought this would be a totally normal way to get positive national coverage:

Peter Gregg, Director of ukBathrooms.com said: “Toilet habits are often a cause of embarrassment.

“The image of the perfect English rose can be rocked a little by the call of nature!

“But surely in a long term relationship, people should know each other well enough to be comfortable in almost any situation?”

So, the next time you think of peeing in front of you partner, think of Peter Gregg and ukBathrooms.com.

“People would love/fear/fuck a robot!” says TV show about robots

Did you see the story about mankind’s fear of the impending rise of the robots? Chances are you did, with widespread coverage of the story including appearances in the GuardianTimesDaily Mail and Daily Star:

Humans hope robots of the future will make love not war

A fifth of Britons have said they would have sex with an android but considerably more fear the rise of the machines will threaten mankind.

One in three, perhaps influenced by the likes of the Terminator franchise, believe that robots will spell the end of the human race.

Perhaps more pressing however is that almost as many are concerned they could lose their job to intelligent machines.

Source: The Times, 6 May 2014

Would YOU have sex with a robot? Prostitutes, police and cleaners revealed to be just some the jobs that droids could take over by 2025

In 10 years our streets could be governed by RoboCop-style police, our taxis may drive themselves and prostitutes might be replaced by so-called ‘sexbots.’

That’s according to a survey that looked at how robots will rise over the next decade.

It found that more than a third of people fear robots will take their jobs, while the same number fear androids will threaten the human race’s existence.

Source: Daily Mail, 6 April 2014

The Times and the Daily Mail, amply illustrating their differing priorities, there. However, whether we’re fighting or fucking our new robot brethren, the source of the story remains the same:

The survey was completed by 2,000 British people to mark the launch of new sci-fi TV police drama, Almost Human, which features an android cop.

Curiously, the list of jobs which could be taken over by robots didn’t include ‘journalist’ – when given the number of outlets who ran this simple copy/paste of a One Poll survey press release, it seems an industry ripe for automation.