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“Wouldn’t it be good if we could bring some British ‘heroes’ back to life?!” says TV channel with show about British heroes, via OnePoll

Ill-judged mawkish news now, with the staggering news that British people think Princess Diana should come back from the dead in order to meet her grandchildren:

Princess Diana should come back to life so she can enjoy having grandkids, Brits say

The “People’s Princess” was chosen by a quarter of the population, who want her to return so she can enjoy her grandchildren and continue her charitable work.

Her life was tragically cut short on August 31, 1997 after a car accident in a Parisian tunnel, leading to an outpouring of national grief.

This Monday would have been Diana’s 58th birthday.

Source: Daily Star, 27th June 2019

From Princess Diana to Sir Alf Ramsey – people Brits want to bring back from dead

Princess Diana is the famous figure Brits would most like to bring back, according to a survey.

The beloved ‘People’s Princess’ was chosen by a quarter of the population, who want her to return so she can enjoy her grandchildren and continue her charitable work.

Her life was tragically cut short on 31st August 1997 after a car accident in a Parisian tunnel, leading to an outpouring of national grief.

Source: Mirror, 27th June 2019

While necromancy is an unusual look for any newspaper article, it’s an even bolder play for a PR story – but one that has clearly paid off for one particular company here, who secured several headlines with their supposed research finding that we all want to dig up Diana:

The research was commissioned by TV channel HISTORY, to launch series two of drama Knightfall on July 2 at 9pm.

A HISTORY spokesman said: “We’ve got no shortage of heroes and inspirational icons to look up to.

“But sometimes, it’s interesting to think back about the ones we’ve lost, and the impact they could have if they were around today.

“What lessons could geniuses and philanthropists from the past teach us now, if they could come back and see the state of the world?”

So, our supposed desires to resurrect famous British figures is little more than an advert for a TV channel which happens to have a show about British knights.

Naturally, we know who to thank for this mawkish ‘finding’ – 72 Point, demonstrating that when it comes to plumbing the depths to generate Bad PR headlines, they’re more than willing to dig to at least six feet under.

“People want value for money on holidays!” says bureau de change

As holiday season swings around, a pair of holiday stories made headlines in the Daily Star and Daily Mail:

Brits reveal cheapest holiday destinations – here’s where made the list

Looking to book a cheap holiday?

A recent survey reveals the locations Brits find to be the most affordable.

While European destinations topped the list in terms of value, Dubai was said to be the most expensive.

Source: Daily Star, 10th June 2019

Brits rate holiday spots around the world for value, with Spain, Greece and Bulgaria coming top and Dubai at the bottom of the ranking

Spain has been voted the world’s best-value holiday spot by British tourists in a new nationwide poll.

In the survey, 87 per cent of holidaymakers said it offers the best bang for one’s buck.

Greece and Bulgaria came joint second on the value front, with a score of 85 per cent, while at the other end of the scale, Dubai was rated the worst value.  

Source: Daily Mail, 7th June 2019

Which company is so keen to emphasise the importance of value for money when it comes to heading off on holiday?

The United Arab Emirates city was deemed ‘poor value’ by 72 per cent of those taking part in the survey, which was part of Post Office Travel Money’s 2019 Holiday Spending Report.

So once you’re reminded how important value for money is, you rather handily have the name of a place where you can pick up your travel money.

“Everyone wants CCTV cameras installed nowadays!” says CCTV company

Privacy news now, with the revelation that we are constantly being captured on camera:

Brits caught on camera 300 times a DAY in huge Big Brother CCTV surge

In a huge surge, Brits are now captured by CCTV 300 times a day in London.

It would be an all-time high according to a specialist firm in CCTV installation and fear is believed to be a major reason behind it.

Source: Mirror, 19th June 2019

Who might benefit from highlighting just how widespread and popular CCTV cameras are?

The company CCTV.co.uk is also predicting that this figure could rise to over a million by 2025.

Given that CCTV.co.uk sell and install CCTV cameras, it’s little surprise that they’re predicting a rise in sales… especially when they’re paying to put stories in the media about how popular CCTV cameras are. Their spokesperson isn’t at all shy when it comes to emphasising the value of the products they sell, either:

Jonathan Ratcliffe, of CCTV.co.uk, said: “The number of cameras being installed in the capital is growing at a much faster rate than ever before due to private households installing smaller cheaper systems.”

He said: “People are genuinely scared and sharing CCTV footage on social media when the police don’t act fast enough is standard practice these days.

“Doorbell cameras and cheap DIY systems have seen the number of cameras increase, and new commercial buildings have CCTV installed as standard.”

“People are missing out on loyalty points!” says company who just joined loyalty scheme, via OnePoll

Savings news now, with the revelation that Brits are missing out on massive amounts of loyalty points:

Customers could be missing out on £46billion a year on loyalty points

Supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s offer customers a loyalty card to pick up points which can be exchanged for money.

Customers earn hundreds of pounds a year by collecting points on their Clubcard or Nectar cards.

But did you know at least £46billion is lost on supermarket loyalty points per year?

Source: Daily Star, 22nd June 2019

Who might be keen to remind you of the potential value of reward schemes?

The research, which was carried out by OnePoll.com on behalf of Esso, found that Brits are spending £86.57 on average per week on fuel and groceries (£4,500 per year), which totals to £46.8 billion worth of loyalty points being missed out on.

Esso’s horse in this race is pretty clear:

Esso recently joined forces with Nectar to reward drivers with loyalty points every time they fill up.

Customers filling up at participating Esso-branded stations are now able to earn Nectar points on their fuel and shop purchases.

“Loads of people cheat on their partners!” says website encouraging infidelity

Infidelity news now, with the shock revelation in the Daily Star that your commitment to your relationships is likely to wobble once you’re on holiday:

Four out of ten Brits cheat on their partner while on holiday

NEW research shows that straying while away is alarmingly common among coupled up holiday–makers.

If you’re waving a significant other off on a girls or lads holiday in the sun this year, new research may give you pause for thought. 

Four out of ten holiday-makers have cheated on their partner while on a break, according to a new survey.

And women are more likely than men to have a holiday fling.

Source: Daily Star, 28th May 2019

Who exactly are the company pushing this message that affairs are so commonplace that practically everyone is having one?

The results are from a new survey of 2,000 people, split evenly between the sexes, by IllicitEncounters.com, the UK’s leading dating site for married people.

“Your partner is lying to you!” says TV show about liars

Deception news now in the Daily Star. Admittedly, that’s a phrase that could preface most of their articles, but this particular instance concerns the list of things your partner is lying to you about:

From cheating to orgasms – the biggest lies we tell our partners revealed

COUPLES reveal the worst bare-faced lies they’ve told their lover.

We’ve all told little white lies at times, but some people have been brave enough to share the sordid tall stories they’ve gotten away with.

According to a new survey, a whopping 75% of Brits admitted lying to their partners and one in 10 reckon they do it regularly – with men expected to tell the most porkies.

Source: Daily Star, 9th March 2017

Could it be true that we’re seeing a monumental breakdown of trust in marriages across the country? Possibly not, given the motivations of the PR team behind this story:

The poll of 2,000 adults by TV show Imposters also found that a quarter of the population don’t completely trust their current partner and 5% don’t trust them at all.

If you’re unfamilar with Imposters as a TV show, it’s a show about con artists. Which puts the ‘people lie!’ angle of this press release into somewhat helpful context.

“Women love to be harassed on the street!” says voucher company and PR firm, on International Women’s Day

Sometimes, Bad PR stories are almost too perfect in the way they encapsulate the problems in PR and in the media. Take, for instance, today’s story from the Daily Star, which appeared on page 8 of the print edition:

You can whistle 

Wolf calls survey anger

Some women actually like being wolf-whistled, accoridng to a provocative survey on International Women’s Day.

One in 11 – or 2.4 million – said they took it as a compliment.

But campaigners on the women’s rights day blasted the research’s “poor timing”. Despite it being treated as a hate crime, 39% of women told the study they “actively encourage” cat-calling and “hope” they will be wolf-whistled at.

Source: Daily Star, 9th March 2017

Astonishing, you might think, that the Daily Star would run a story that suggests that so many women actually enjoy being harassed on the street – and on International Women’s Day at that! But at least the Star had the good decency to ensure they published a story which ostensibly was at least critical of cat-calling, or of the survey, right?

Well, that’s the funny thing – the original press release didn’t condemn cat-calling at all, and played the street harassment angle for a bit of cheeky fun, highlighting how being wolf-whistled on the street actually makes women feel confident and desirable. I know it did, because I saw the original release:

1 in 11 British Women LIKE Being Cat-Called

New research has revealed that one in eleven British women like being cat-called, with 39% of these stating that they ‘actively encourage’ catcalls and ‘hope’ they will be catcalled when they leave the house. Furthermore, 15% of women admitted to finding unavailable men attractive.

According to new research, one in eleven British women actually like it when men cat-call them, with many confessing that they boost their confidence and that they leave the house hoping to encourage that kind of attention. Furthermore, 15% of women confess to being attracted to unavailable men, with the majority stating that it makes them feel ‘more desirable’.

There was no mention of International Women’s Day, at all (although there is surely no chance the story wasn’t timed to deliberately appear on that particular day). There was, however, a nicely prominent mention of the originators of this story:

The team at www.VoucherCodesPro.co.uk conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into British attitudes towards each other. 2,488 British women aged 18 and over were quizzed about the way that they’re treated by others and vice versa, and what they look for in a potential suitor.

So where did the condemnation come into it, and where did the reference to International Women’s Day come from? All I can surmise is that the original story was so completely tone-deaf and exploitative in its overt brandwagoning that it was too sexist even for the Daily Star to publish in its original format.

So, half marks go to the Star for at least recognising and toning down the misogyny of the original, though it would have been far more ethical to simple never run the story in the first place. Clearly they had an editorial change of heart, because the online version of the story disappeared a little while after it had been published:

Of course, the Star ought to realise that the Internet never forgets, and the cached version of the story can still be read.

If the Star get half marks for their effort, zero marks have to go to VoucherCodesPro, the market research company used to compile the data (I’m pretty sure there is only One polling company likely to have been behind this one), and to the PR company who worked up this story for them – 10 Yetis.

As a wonderfully ironic wrinkle, 10 Yetis have a Bad PR blog of their own, with their daily “Examples of Good and Bad PR” news feed.

In it they pour through the day’s news to highlight examples of PR done very well, and PR that backfires, has a poor reception or comes from a less-than-positive place. As a marketing tool, I’m sure it does wonders for the ethical perception of their agency, that they talk about the ethics and effectiveness of work done in their industry.

I wonder if they have the ethical integrity to add their own cynical and counter-productive International Women’s Day brandwagoning effort to their Bad PR round up tomorrow? I won’t hold my breath.

“People dislike funerals – especially them Muslim ones!” says funeral directors

We all know that nobody enjoys a funeral, but the latest ‘research’ published in the Daily Star finally quantifies exactly how we feel about saying goodbye to a loved one:

Shock survey: Quarter of Brits ‘NERVOUS’ about going to Muslim funeral

A SHOCK survey has revealed that 25% of Brits would be “nervous” about attending an Islamic funeral.

Source: Daily Star, 23rd February 2017


While it would have been easy to guess that funerals were unlikely to be the most enjoyable experience for the average person, it’s notable perhaps that of all funeral types, it’s the ones associated with the Islamic faith that make people the most ‘nervous’, with an apparent quarter of people admitting they’d be nervous about attending one.

The next obvious question, of course, is how does that stack up against other faith-based funerals? Well…

Topping the list was an Islamic service, with 26% of the 1,000 adults quizzed said they would be nervous about going to one.

It was closely followed by 25% who said the same about a Christian one.

That’s right, Christian funerals fared almost identically to their Islamic counterparts – yet the Daily Star (or the PR company that fed them this story) chose to emphasise the Islamic finding, presumably figuring it would garner more attention.

There are no prizes for guessing the industry of the PR client in this case, either:

The poll – by funeral company Damsons – asked which religious funeral people would be most nervous about attending.

This is literally nothing more than a funeral company telling prospective clients: “we know funerals can be hard, but it’s OK, we’re a safe pair of hands regardless of your faith”. And perhaps it’s achieved its goal, in that respect, but at what cost? With the needless singling out of the result for Islamic funerals, which was almost identical to Christian funerals (by far the most common funeral service in the UK), Damsons have generated a headline which will be skimmed over by readers of a newspaper with an established record of Islamophobia, the vast majority of whom will never spot that there was no difference between Christian and Islamic results, and will never realise that this is nothing more than an advert.

At a time of political and racial tensions, the PR industry simply has to be more responsible and ethical than this: their work does not exist in a vacuum; hyperbole in the tabloid press has consequences.

“You’ll regret not travelling more while you’re young!” says young persons railcard company

A few regrets: Most of us would change our past

SIXTY per cent of us would change the way we have lived our lives, research has revealed.

Choices made in school, work and relationships are some of the many regrets people share.

Source: Daily Express, 16th September 2015


Any regrets? Half of us want to change our lives…

A SURVEY has revealed the top 50 things people would change if they could live again include saving more, finding a better job and being nicer.

According to a new study, 60% of us would alter major decisions.

But most people have four things in their lives they wish they had done differently.

The biggest regret was not saving enough money (35%), while 31% said they wished they had made more of an effort to keep fit, according to the research.

Source: Daily Star, 15th September 2015


We all harbour huge regrets about how our lives turned out, according to this story from dailies Express and Star, as well as in the Daily Mail, Mirror, ITV News, Blackpool Gazette and Click Liverpool.

Our biggest missed opportunities relating to such crucial things as not having saved enough money in our lives, and not having traveled enough… which is an astonishing coincidence, given that the story was commissioned by a company which looks to save you money on your travel while you’re young:

Andrew Robertson, from 16-25 Railcard which commissioned the study of 1,500 adults of all ages, said: “Many of us have things that we might do differently in our lives, whether it’s travelling and exploring more, making an effort to keep fit, or being more careful with money.”

“The findings go to show how important it is to make the most of our time and live life to the full.”

Good to see that 16-25 Railcard managed to save money on advertising by using this PR story as a glorified advert for their services. Plus, with the coverage they got in four national newspapers and a handful of other media outlets, it’s fair to say their PR is well-traveled too. I’m sure they have no regrets.

“Go to Eastern Europe for a stag party!” says stag party company

Stag parties: Cheapest European cities to celebrate your last night of freedom

STAG party Brits should go to Eastern Europe to get the best value for money.

A survey found the Czech city of Brno is the cheapest of 23 popular stag-do destinations in Europe.

An average two-night stay with plenty of Budvar lager thrown in works out at just £281.92.

Following closely behind is the Slovakian capital Bratislava, where a weekend break is usually around £283.51.

Source: Daily Star, 5th October 2015


If you’re thinking of going on a stag do soon, you’re in luck: the Daily Star and Mirror recently published important information on where gets you the most bang for your buck. As it were. But is this really news? Or just PR?

“Stags and their mates who make it to Eastern Europe and further afield often find that the extra hour or so on the plane makes a big difference, as their accommodation, food and drinks are much cheaper,” said Rasmus Christiansen from Pissup.com.

“It also means they have more spare cash to use for some adrenaline pumping fun, shooting machine guns, riding quads through forests and sampling other local delights.”

You’ve been around the block by now – I don’t have to tell you who Pissup.com are, what they do or why these articles are nothing but adverts for Pissup.com’s services.