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“You should do something different on holiday this year!” says holiday insurance company

Boomerang Britons: Two thirds of holidaymakers visit the same resort within five years of their last trip

When it comes to holidays, some Britons know what they like as 2million return to the same resort and do the same thing year after year.

It seems Britons are creatures of habit as nearly two thirds will visit the same resort within five years of their last visit.

And a staggering third have been to the same resort more than three times – and one in 20 have been back more than ten times over the years.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th June 2014


Say what you like about the term ‘boomerang Britains’ (personally, I choose to say it’s an annoying piece of made-up marketing nonsense designed to placate the papers), but it seems we’re all terrible predictable when it comes to our holiday destinations.

What’s worse, our confidence in our relaxing resort means we may start to cut corners that travel insurance companies don’t want us to cut:

But LV= travel insurance, who commissioned the poll, found familiarity stops a third taking out insurance because they feel they know what to expect.

Selwyn Fernandes, from the insurance company, said: ‘Travelling to somewhere you have been to before can make planning a holiday much simpler.

‘It is easy to let your guard down because you already know the destination but things can sometimes go wrong when you’re on holiday.

‘It’s important to make sure you have the right cover in place to protect you on your break so you can relax and just enjoy your holiday.’

I guess the message from LV= is clear – you can be as boring as you like on your holiday, so long as you keep buying insurance from LV=.

“You should sleep naked, it’ll make you happy!” says bedsheet company

Sleeping naked could be the secret to a happy relationship, survey finds.

Sleeping naked and keeping food out of the bedroom are two of the secrets to a happy relationship, according to a survey.

A poll of 1,000 people across Britain showed that those who sleep together in the nude are most content in their marriage or relationship.

Less than half of people who wear pyjamas or nighties said they were “extremely happy”, compared to 57 per cent of those who went without.

Source: Independent, 30th June 2014


Study reveals that couples who sleep naked have a happier relationship

Good news guys, a new survey has revealed that those who sleep naked have a happier relationship *burns all fleece pyjama sets*.

The study from Cotton USA asked couples what they slept in at bedtime and then asked them to rate how happy they were in their relationship.

Source: Metro, 30th June 2014


In a blow for the PJ-wearers among us, it appears that the more you wear to bed, the more your relationship is doomed to failure. The word ‘appears’ being key, given the source of the survey:

The research, by Cotton USA, found that sleeping habits can have an impact on relationships as arguments break out or people avoid staying at their partner’s home overnight.

Cotton USA, the makers of cotton sheets, really do want you to believe that the feel of cotton against your skin at night is enough to keep your relationship from hitting the rocks.

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, from Cotton USA, said: “There are many factors which can affect the success of a relationship, but one factor which is often overlooked is the bedroom environment.“

There’s a good reason why the impact of nightwear is overlooked when assessing relationship success, Stephanie. See if you can guess it.

“People make lots of small cash payments!” says touchless payment card

Workers spend more than £2,500 a year on lunch and snacks, report says

The amount that people who travel to work spend on small purchases such as coffee, breakfast, lunch and snacks adds up to an average of £10.59 a day

Workers fork out more than £2,500 a year typically for small purchases such as coffees, breakfast, lunch and snacks, according to a report.

Source: Telegraph, 23rd June 2014


£2,500 a year on work snacks: Average commuter spends more than £10 a day on lunch, takeaway coffees and other food

Workers spend more than £2,500 a year typically for small purchases such as coffees, breakfast, lunch and snacks, research has found.

On average, the amount commuters spend on these small and regular purchases adds up to £10.59 a day.

Over the course of a year, taking weekends and holidays out of the equation, the total comes to £2,541, according to the study by Visa.

Source: Daily Mail, 23rd June 2014


It’s little surprise to see people spending money on their lunch each day, although the amount does seem a little high for work snacks. How precisely does that figure break down?

The survey of more than 2,100 British commuters found they typically spend £3.69 buying lunch, £2.09 on hot drinks and £7.09 if they pop to the supermarket during a break to stock up on food and drink for the evening.

Remarkably, the “£2500 per year on work snacks” includes buying food and drink in the supermarket for when you get home after work. In fact, percentage-wise, the majority of that £2500 of snacks for the working day is food not actually intended for the working day at all – it’s right there in the article!

Also right there in the article is the identity of the company who paid for this ‘research’ to make the papers:

The research for Visa Contactless found that on average, the amount that people who travel to work spend on these small and regular purchases adds up to £10.59 a day.

Visa, of course, have a clear incentive to make us aware of how often we make small payments like this:

The rise in contactless technology, which allows people to make small payments by swiping a reader with their card, means more than 300,000 terminals across the UK now accept such payments.

“Your wife-to-be wants to shag a celebrity!” says bridal company

One last fling before the ring! Almost half of brides-to-be admit they would have an affair before saying ‘I do’ – but only with a celebrity

Brides are ditching pre-marital traditions in favor of a more modern approach to their wedding day, according to a new survey.

When David’s Bridal quizzed 500 recently married or engaged women, 93 per cent said that things that were once considered taboo are now acceptable.

Forty-four per cent admitted that they would willingly go for one last fling with a celebrity crush before the wedding – while 17 per cent would rather have one last round with their ex.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th June 2014


Charming to see a bridal company flattering their customers by suggesting impending infidelity right at the moment they’re looking to make a commitment, just in order to gain a few column inches.

“Women, here’s a new thing to feel paranoid about – your skin!” says skincare company

Do YOU have ‘porexia’? How almost HALF of women are fixated by the size of their pores – and a third hate them more than wrinkles

Nearly half of all U.S. women feel that their pores are too large and would make big sacrifices to have smaller ones, a new study claims.

Twenty-three per cent would give up alcohol for a year, 17 per cent would give up social media and 11 per cent would give up shaving their legs, according to new research conducted among over 2,000 adults by Harris Poll on behalf of L’Oreal Paris.

Almost one in three women (28 per cent) are more concerned about their pore size than wrinkles.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th June 2014


Never one to shy away from giving women things to beat themselves up about, the media have found a new paranoia for women – the size of their pores.

Given that even the photograph accompanying the photo requires a magnifying glass and a heavily made-up (or photoshopped) model to illustrate pore size, it’d be easy to dismiss this as a fear manufactured entirely for corporate gain.

Which would be an entirely accurate reason to dismiss it, what with the story being placed by skincare company L’Oreal Paris.

“People love cats!” says card retailer launching range of cat-themed cards

One in three cat owners Skypes their pet: Almost a quarter of men admit they call home just to hear their feline friend purring

Millions of besotted cat owners are so keen to stay in touch with their pets that they use their mobile phone or computer to call home and ‘speak’ to them.

One in three use video messaging service Skype to see and give them attention, a poll of 1,000 owners claims.

Almost a quarter of male owners admit they’ll even call home just to hear their feline friend purring – more than the number of women who do.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th June 2014


Cat owners are clearly obsessed with their pets, with many going out of their way to speak to their cat over skype as regularly as possible… according to this ‘research’. That this was research paid for by a greeting card company almost certainly has nothing to do with anything:

When owners and pets do spend quality time together it’s clear what they get up to. For 37 per cent of men say they have taught their cat to perform tricks, the poll for card retailer Hallmark shows.

It may not be immediately apparent to see quite what cards have to do with cats – not least because the Daily Mail has stripped out the main angle of the story. However, a quick search around and the original press release isn’t hard to find:

The poll of over 1,000 cat owners (aged 18-80,) conducted by card retailer Hallmark to mark the launch of its new Little Meow greetings card range, found that the nation’s kitties are living far from a dog’s life with more than 20 per cent being taken on family holidays and 15 per cent of owners confessing to serving their cat specially-made meals on a daily basis.

Rachel Goodman, the creator of Hallmark’s Little Meow, said: “We conducted the report as we wanted as much insight as possible into just how much we love our feline friends; it’s clear that cats are a pet passion in the UK, and we’ve developed our new Little Meow range in response to that. We’re all about helping people connect and those connections are also with our pets, as this study demonstrates.”


Subtle, Rachel. It takes skill to come up with a PR angle so hackneyed and crowbarred even the Daily Mail strip it out.


“Ladies, it’s good to have goals… written on post-it notes!” says stationery firm

The average woman wants to meet ‘the one’ aged 24, have a child at 27 and reach the top of their career by 34

The average woman’s plan for life includes meeting ‘the one’ aged 24, having children by 27 and reaching the top of the career ladder at 34, researchers said yesterday.

Nearly two-thirds of those studied had a detailed life plan they try to follow – with targets such as passing their driving test by 19, living healthily by 24 and getting engaged at 26.

But despite ‘wanting it all’, one in two said they missed major milestones and nearly a quarter said events had taken them far from their original plan.

Source: Daily Mail, 5th June 2014


It’s rare you have to look far in the press to find advertising thinly disguised as advice for women – in this instance, outlining precisely what a woman’s life should consist of, year by year, in clear detail. This is aspirational living set to a timetable, lest those dear sweet creatures get the impression that they can decide what they want their own lives to look like.

The source of this particular piece of dictatorial diarising is relatively surprising:

The study of 2,000 women, commissioned by 3M’s Post-it brand, found participants completed milestones an average of six years later than they had intended.

It comes to something, ladies, when even your stationery has a view on what your life should look like. Men rarely if ever have to put up with their stapler advising them on fatherhood, and I don’t recall ever being offered unsolicited advice by a hole punch.

For regular readers of this blog, you may want to pause now to see if you can play the PR connections game – how can 3M manage to get from life’s major milestones to post-it notes, in the smoothest way possible? Take 30 seconds, and see if you can get there.

Did you make it? It’s harder than it looks, which might well explain this fairly fumbled effort:

And a fifth of women had an unfulfilled dream they felt powerless to realise because they don’t know where to start.

That’s despite more than a third describing themselves as ‘very organised’ in nature, with more than half writing lists and making detailed plans.

Writing lists and plans, you say? Tell me more…

More than half of the respondents hold the belief that writing goals down andsticking them somewhere visible would help them stay on track, yet many people don’t – so the challenge becomes actually doing it.

You should be sticking your plans somewhere visible – and voila, we arrive at 3M’s post-it notes.

I’m sure there are plenty of women who read this story, and agreed it 3M should stick it somewhere, but not necessarily somewhere visible…

“Parents do a lot of driving!” says tyre manufacturer (this year)

Mum and dad’s taxi service: Parents drive 27,000 miles ferrying their children around

Parents often joke about providing a taxi service for their children and new figures show it’s no wonder they feel like full-time chauffeurs.

Parents rack up 26,741 miles driving their children around by the time they turn 20, according to a new study.

As parents ferry their children to and from school, friends’ houses and clubs, it means they clock up 197 days at the wheel.

Source: Daily Mail, 2 June 2014


It’s an age-old story: the put-upon parent and ferrying their children around, being treated like a taxi service. In this particular instance, it’s easy to see who placed this story into the press:

Meanwhile, parents are sat waiting for their children in the car for 30 hours and 46 minutes a year, according to the study by Goodyear.

Goodyear, of course, being the tyre manufacturer – highlighting to parents just how much driving is involved in raising a child.

But, as I mentioned, this is an age-old story, and Goodyear aren’t the first to realise the newsworthiness of this fairly inane finding. Take, for example, a story which appeared in the Mail back in 2013, on behalf of Sainsbury’s car insurance:

Taxi of mum and dad ‘would cost £55 a week at black cab rates’

The taxi service of mum and dad would cost around £55 a week if charged at black cab rates, a survey has found.

Parents are each clocking up more than 1,000 miles, putting nearly £2,000 on the family ‘meter’ and spending more than three full days’ waiting time each year as they act as unpaid chauffeurs for their children.

Collectively Britain’s ten million parents are clocking up an annual bill of nearly £20billion in running costs plus another £10billion ‘waiting time’, according to the study by Sainsbury’s Bank car insurance.

Source: Daily Mail, 23 March 2013


Or, indeed, the following from the Mail in June 2012, courtesy of Sainsbury’s car insurance again:

‘Taxi’ parents spent two days a year waiting in their cars for their offspring

Parents who double as their children’s unpaid chauffeurs spend more than two and a half days a year sitting in their cars ‘waiting’ for their off-spring to finish their sporting and social events, new research reveals today (Thursday).

The ‘mum and dad cabbies’ waste on average an hour and a quarter of their lives every week on stand-by while their sons and daughters do their thing – after they’ve been driven to their appointments, says the report by Sainsbury’s car insurance.

Source: Daily Mail, 14 June 2012


In fact, eagle-eyed readers might recognise the poor, put-upon parent in the photos accompanying each of the three stories – given that the Mail used precisely the same set of stock photos for all three articles. They very much seem to be the Daily Mail’s go-to stock driving family.

This poor lady isn’t the only stock-parent cursed to spend eternity behind the wheel, however – the same story also appeared in June 2011 on behalf of Halford’s Autocentre and even as far back as February 2008, when the AA brought it to the Mail’s attention.

It’s enough to drive you to distraction.

“People are living longer than ever!” says life insurance comparison site

We’re not oldies until we are 80: Poll shows that Britons expect to stay youthful

OLD age does not now start until the age of 80, according to a poll.
The research among people over 40 found that the vast majority of them will not consider themselves to be old until they reach the landmark birthday.

In contrast, previous generations thought of themselves as old at least 20 years earlier.

Healthier and more active lifestyles, staying in work longer and seeing more older people in the spotlight are among reasons for the change in attitude.

Source: Daily Express, 21 May 2014


You aren’t old until you’re 80! Healthy and active lifestyles mean older people are now staying younger for longer

Old age begins at 80 – almost 20 years later than previous generations believed.

Thanks to healthier and more active lifestyles, working later in life and more public awareness of the elderly and their needs, older people are staying younger longer.

More than one in five Britons even believe you can reach 90 before you are considered old, a study of 2,000 over-40s says.

Source: Daily Mail, 21 May 2014


Good news for all my septuagenarian readers – you’re not over the hill just yet! It’s official, because an insurance comparison site says so:

A spokesman for PayingTooMuch.com, which commissioned the research, said: “Perceptions of old age have changed a lot over the last few years.

“There was a time when you were considered old or past it as soon as you retired.

“But we are now leading healthier and more active lives well into our 70s. ­

Now, what should you do with that newfound lease of life? Maybe you should make sure you aren’t paying too much for your life insurance, whaddyasay?

“People are also working later in life than ever before. And even if they don’t feel particularly young or fit, it adds to the illusion that they are still young.

‘But while you might not be ‘old’ until much later in life now, it’s important not to put off decisions regarding retirement or later years such as life insurance, wills or pensions.

‘Old age might seem far off for most, but it’s better to be prepared now than regret not doing something later on.’

“Men turn into their fathers!” says TV channel promoting old comedies

Are you turning into your dad? The top ten signs you’ve embraced dad-ism revealed as survey says 38 is age men turn into their father.

It’s a startling moment in any man’s life.

You’re sat on the sofa keenly scrutinising the money pages of the newspaper, looking forward to giving the lawn a good mowing and finding yourself unusually excited about an upcoming sale at B&Q, when it hits you (if you can keep your eyes open long enough): you’ve turned into your dad.

It’s enough to make you slip on your sensibly priced comfortable shoes and retreat to your man cave with a pint of bitter.

Source: Independent, 17 April 2014



It seems all men are destined to become their fathers – it’s a message carried not only in the Independent, but also in the Daily MailDaily Express and Daily Star. With so many convergent sources, it must be true… or, just maybe, it might be PR for a TV channel running a ‘Dad Dancing’ competition:

Steve North, General Manager of UKTV channel Gold said: ‘The future looks bright for men, more sleep, having your very own chair, letting loose on the dance floor and finding ourselves funny – it seems 38 is the age men officially lose their inhibitions

Source: Daily Mail, 17 April 2014

And why the focus on getting old and turning into your father? The Daily Mail carries the crucial quote from North:

‘The best way to ward off the top dad-ism sign of falling asleep in the front room is by tuning into Gold’s Easter schedule featuring Only Fools and Horses, the Royle Family and the Vicar of Dibley.’

Embrace it, fellas – turn into your dad, and you can enjoy the same tired old sitcoms he was watching 20 years ago!